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A few times recently I have heard a cat wailing on the lower half of Burgoyne Road. Last night it was so desperate and persistent I went to check and found a young, healthy female with no collar or tag. She has a lovely coat and no signs of injury so I'm assuming she is cared for.

Have you lost her?

Alternatively, if she is your cat and you are putting her out - she doesn't like this - she was crying for hours last night and was out there again this morning doing the same.



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Are you sure this was a female? I've seen a tom roaming at the top of burgoyne a lot recently. I wonder if its the same one. The tom needs catching, snipping and rehoming. Maybe I should get the ball rolling with that.
Yes Sally, I'm pretty positive it's a girl, she is very affectionate and I got a good look. Still, she may be in heat which will not be good news for her if there are intact tomcats around, surest way for a her to catch FIV.

Yes, if it is a female she could well be on heat. Have you noticed any other unusual behaviours?

It's good of you to try to help this cat. I hope you can find out if this female ginger cat has an owner. If she's crying outside a particular house, maybe knock on the door and neighbouring doors and see if they know who owns her. If she's not neutered, please encourage them to get her done. Everyone needs to neuter their pets as there are too many animals already in rescue centres needing homes.

If someone has a cat and no catflap, I've seen their cat cry outside for hours while they're out at work and the cat is unable to get inside. I encourage those people to just get a catflap fitted.

Otherwise, she may be lost, worth checking if she's microchipped.

It would be great Sally if you could catch the tom and get him neutered. That's what I do whenever I can. I encourage our neighbours to do the same as it helps the cat, stops more kittens being born, reduces fighting (and vet bills!), and reduces the spread of FIV.

I suspect this tom has wandered into Duckett Road as well as there have been some bad fights recently which one of my cats suffered and the same happened to a neighbour's cat. I've only seen the ginger tom once, so I expect he's mainly in Burgoyne Road.

Sally, I think the one you see at the top of the road is my other next door neighbour's.  I do not remember if he had white bits though...


Then hopefully you can get hold of the person and alert them to what is happening- probably not neutered and so needs to be

that is such a great idea!

That is a good idea -

I saw my next door's ginger cat this weekend and observed a little more closely.  I think he had more white in his hind legs than front.  Since this one in the photo has white bits in the front legs, it may be likely that they are different cats.  We will see if Tigha's measure will do anything.

Is your neighbour's cat neutered?

Dunno.  Never asked.  Can I tell from the look?  If so, what is that I should be looking for?

If he's a male cat, you can tell by looking. If you look at the base of his tail at his bottom area  - if you see 2 testicles, like full small grapes, then he is not neutered. If it's a female cat, it's harder to tell by a quick glance.

I just wondered if your neighbour's cat might be the one fighting a lot. If you ever speak to your neighbour, it's worth checking if there cat is neutered, as male and female pets need to be neutered. Sometimes people don't realise they need to neuter and microchip their pets.



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