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After a satisfactory experience buying Spanish oranges via Crowd Farming, I have now tried buying a 4 kg box of Haas avocados, also from Spain.  The order was placed on Wed17th Feb for about £32.  The fruit is picked to order and this must have happened in the following day or two.  The box was collected by a shipper on 22nd and delivered here by Parcel Force on 25th.  We haven't yet finished them but I am happy to say that these avocados are the best I have ever tasted with none of the problems I have sometimes had with fruit past its best from the supermarket.  Under this system one buys direct from a farmer and there are several offering avocados.  Mine came from this woman's farm: https://www.crowdfarming.com/en/farmer/la-atalaya/up/buy-avocados-h...

I think the price is similar to buying organic avos in a shop but, as long as the season lasts, I shall buy mine through Crowd Farming.

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Got ours too last week. Very nice. Thanks for the tip, Dick. 



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