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A group of Crouch End residents and businesses has been meeting regularly over the past 9 months to discuss how to develop the basis of an official 'neighbourhood forum' and put together a plan which will benefit the Crouch End community.

Neighbourhood Forums are authorised under the new Localism agenda established in 2011, and the central concept is that local communities, including businesses, should have a greater say in planning decisions affecting their local area. In addition Neighbourhood Forums can initiate their own planning and other policies for their neighbourhood.  Examples might include action on new rented housing, analysing  the retail mix in the town centre, ensuring that conservation guidelines are followed, and physical improvements to the streetscape.

The Crouch End group is now at the stage of preparing to make applications to Haringey Council for approval of the boundary of Crouch End Neighbourhood, and also of the Neighbourhood Forum itself by the end of August 2015. This must have 21 local residents or businesses signed up as members and reflecting the geographical and social diversity of the area.

So far around 40 individuals have signed up as members, but the group is keen to attract more businesses, residents associations, amenity groups and other organisations to affiliate to the Neighbourhood Forum. (Affiliation can be achieved simply by returning e-mail the group and stating that an organisation wishes to affiliate).

As they prepare for the future the forum-in-waiting is keen to gather more local opinions and are asking those who live or trade in the proposed forum area complete a questionnaire about  likes, dislikes and priorities for Crouch End

Contact the group at nb@ecodev.co.uk

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