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Crouch End Dixy Chicken Makes Way for Butcher Tailored for Chattering Classes

Muddy Boots founders Miranda and Roland Ballard (PIcture: Daily Telegraph)

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the founders of an independent burger maker Muddy Boots are planning to launch their own chain of butcher shops with the first opening in Crouch end in February 2014.

Their plans come in the aftermath of the couple's refusal of a mass-market partnership with Tesco.

The pair are spending £80,000 refitting the Dixy Chicken shop in Crouch End over the next six months.

With this chain of new shops, the Ballards plan to bring back the traditional high street butcher shop, with a modern twist. “There will be no hanging carcasses and blooded white,” Ms Ballard told the Telegraph. “This is a modern meat shop.

“We’ll have longer opening hours, and we’ll serve wine and charcuterie in the evenings. We’ll have a fresh lunch menu every day and our products will mostly be packaged with the use-by date and cooking instructions, rather than out in slabs of meat. We’re not actually competing with traditional butchers, we’re competing with the supermarkets”.

So, it looks like the battle of the coffee shops is going to be joined by a battle of the butchers in Crouch End.

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Tried this after the film last night. Charcuterie and cheese platter lovely. The glass of red wine best I've had at a winebar in a long time, mind you I know sfa about it. I was with real wine buffs who had the white. They were impressed. The Ballards were nice too. We'll go again.

So its now a Butchers that specialise in wine and cheese ?

You might like it FPR. I don't think they serve sour grapes

Such inverted snobbery on here - I'm a veggie so a butcher is of no interest to me, but I do like to see this sort of business choosing to open in Crouch End. It's a thriving area with enough people who are interested in what they buy and where it comes from to support shops like this. It's also the sort of area that can support a KFC and Subway for those who don't care so much, and believe me there's been as much sniping at Subway opening as there has here about Muddy Boots. It's survival of the fittest on the high street, if people don't like places they'll soon close.  

Bar the rare exceptions, crouch end is a souless enclave of time waisting over privilledged twits and life waisting media monkeys.


Don't get me started on Green Lanes... 

I'm from wooders myself. I like my butchers to be decidedly unsure of what animal they are serving at any one time and with a healthy side business in vegetables that even they don't know how to cook.

We keep it real in these parts.

That's surprising, it isn't that long since they opened the store in Stoke Newington. Possibly the costs of that were the problem?

I wonder where the Local Store will start sourcing its meat from. A shame as the burgers and steaks were decent.

Super sad news about the guys at Muddy Boots. Devestating for an independant business to have to close like this, I hope they will be ok.

Anyway we're going to try some of the meat from Rhug Estate in Wales. They're 100% Organic. Prices are a little different to Muddy but from what we hear the products are amazing. https://rhug.co.uk/



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