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It seems as if the community is coming together more than ever.

The Crouch End Christmas Film (Florian Films).

Years of campaigning (on this fine website and others) to save Hornsey Town Hall (a huge civic campus right in the middle of our town) must surely have added to community spirit - this is our place, we own it.

A determined group (many featured in the film) are trying hard to rescue Hornsey Town Hall, empty and rotting for over a decade. The revival of the Crouch End Festival in 2012 and recent plans for a Neighbourhood Forum have helped galvanise people in a common cause.

Will they succeed or will this 100%-owned public asset get sold off to the highest bidder or lapse back into disuse? There's a campaign to secure community ownership and a Facebook group for those interested in HTH more generally.

Whatever the outcome, one win already -the growing sense of community - people working together with common cause who get to know one another better. Christmas Markets this year for the first time are being held inside and outside HTH (Sat and Sun 5th-6th Dec - free parking all weekend courtesy of the Council, apparently).

All this has come about for the same reason that HoL succeeds - one of the finest things you can do is get involved in your local community.

Sincere thanks to all those who have and will - compliments of the season :)

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Please come - it's a fab event. Songworks choir singing from 11am Sat outside Town Hall. Lots of harmonies to lift the spirits - some Christmassy, some not so

Could not agree more :)

Just two points of clarification: The Crouch End Festival was not 'revived' in 2012. It is a completely different concept to the Crouch End Arts Festival which lasted four seasons from 1982 - 1985. I should know as I directed it. And the building has been decaying for nigh on 30 years.

Sorry about the slip - I also omitted to mention the festivals that were organised locally around the millennium. Judging by what I know, tremendous achievements all.

I am aware that previous festivals had a completely different atmosphere - those 15 years ago had a more 'local community' feel with participation from a range of people and organisations who are not really involved nowadays - they seemed to be truly charitable ventures and more inclusive. They seemed to have quite a lot of backing from the Council. They closed the Broadway at least once, the W7 dropping people from Muswell Hill on one side of Crouch End and the Finsbury Park W7 turning round by the Kings Head.

One of the millennium organisers was kind enough to pass me copies of the programs for the years 1998. 1999, 2000 and 2001 - don't suppose you have any artefacts from the 1980's do you?  Those were the festivals from which the Crouch End Festival Chorus took it's name - I am trying to collect as many facts as possible about that time, so would be very grateful for any info, memories etc

I helped organise London Open House tours of the campus over a decade ago and got to know the Council Officers who were in charge there. I went over every inch of the place and know exactly what you mean about the degree of decay - the Council refused to allocate an adequate maintenance budget because the place was practically empty so they didn't think they could justify it. Very costly mistakes.

as you know, Chris, I organised the Crouch End Festivals 1998-2001 and they were very well received   unfortunately our small committee was unable to continue because a few moved away, one died suddenly and one had a baby (most inconsiderate!)

I've still got some archival material so let me know what you need

PLEASE does anybody know what happened to the excellent display "Crouch End Old and New"? it was shown in the corner site where the Italian restaurant is now then in the library


Thanks Sally - your generous hard work and inclusive approach are much appreciated.

I'll have a root around my attic. I know that I have what we used as our 'PR record book'. Most of the stuff I have relates to Crouch End Festival Chorus which I co-founded back in 1984.

Thanks! I know that the Chorus also presented a plan to the council to occupy HTH - don't suppose you know where I could locate that, do you? I live in Coleridge Road so maybe we could meet up for a coffee?

I have a copy of that proposal - 'Crouch End Festival Halls'. Happy to meet up when I've had a root around. My email is crouchhall@netscape.net



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