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A Crouch End art gallery has started Crouch End Calendar wars after being snubbed from taking part in the 2012 Crouch End Christmas charity calendar.

After being passed over for the charity calendar - which “captures the essence of Crouch End” and raises money for riot victims - the Park Road based Jealous Gallery hit back with its own version using the title  'Another Shit Crouch End Calendar'.

The weaponised calendar features 12 close-up pictures of poo found around Crouch End by Highgate Wood School A-level photography student Fred Rich.

Gallery director Dario Illari said “It’s not poking fun at their calendar, it’s poking fun at a place that makes a calendar like that – it’s really more about the attitude. N8 goes a lot further than the people shown in the calendar.

Andrew Thornton, owner of Budgens in Crouch End, said of the art gallery’s calendar: “He is entitled to do what he wants. I would say it’s humorous, people can say what they want. It’s honest at least. Good luck to him.”


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 Good on em. But wow only 12 dog turds in Crouch end? they don't know how good they have it up there. On any given day there must be enough dog shit down here to fill a couple of decades worth of advent calenders let alone the bog standard annual ones.

As a Crouch Ender myself, I'd say that you may have more than us, but ours stick around longer...

That's Science Plan dog food for you.

One reason to vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party is that they only offered the electorate one policy at a previous election - luminous dog food.



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