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Thank you to Councillor Hakata for his support with my Rogue Roofer - see my previous post. He was not able to assist me with getting my money back, but was able to help with the subsequent issues, which resulted from this fraudulent experience.

It was good having a Representative listening and understanding my turmoil, despite being extremely busy with his Council duties. It was appreciated.

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And it looks like we could lose him as a councillor in the area, if a small minority of Labour members in the area manage to deselect him

Labour is eating itself. 

From what I understand on the Labour party call happening now Mike has stood down. I hope I've misheard.

He tweeted support for Zena, Gina, and Anna Abela an hour ago. Does this mean he's very confident of being selected for the Gardens, or that he's not standing at all now? 

He withdrew his nomination to Harringay ward

Yes that's right, was struggling with how to word that correctly

Worth reading this thread posted today on Twitter. I'll post the first two tweets below for those who can't access twitter (HoL is freezing when I try to embed them here).

Wow. Very dark reports are coming through from the London ward of Hermitage and Gardens, where
@mikehakata is hoping to get shortlisted today. LOTS of stories coming to me from people getting cold-called by one man in particular. Can you guess who? Yup. Noah Tucker, who’s… 1/8
suspended by the Labour Party. What’s really sad is one report is from two older female Labour Party members who are scared of speaking out publicly about Noah for safety reasons  (DMs always open everyone, and anyone not on Twitter can reach me at carlafrancome @ gmail.com) 2/8

More from the other thread 


Surely someone who has been suspended from the Labour party for anti-semitism should not feel able to intimidate other members (especially little old ladies) into voting for Momentum candidates at the expense of a hard working and effective councillor like Mike.

Unless others higher up in Haringey Labour are directing him or tacitly supporting his actions.

I notice Seema Chandwani, Emine Ibrahim and others known to read this platform are silent.

They are destroying Labour. A party which once stood for working class people is now the plaything of extremist apparatchiks who haven't done a days work in their lives and who care nothing for the interests of local residents

He has quite a rap sheet. And it appears that he may have been using either Labour or Momentum contacts lists to carry out this intimidation. 

Also, are we now to assume that Mike did not make the shortlist for Harringay ward? The secrecy and skulduggery is just so childish.

Mike did make the Harringay ward shortlist.

Candidates can be on multiple lists? It really is a shambles.

Multiple lists? Yes. But not necessarily a shambles. 

Some ward branches have a couple of hundred members. But still have a maximum of three councillors. Imagine that a large ward branch has half a dozen members who'd make really good councillors., Even if the rest of the branch members shortlist,  interview and pick only people who live in that ward, you've got three "spare" potential candidates.

So people are free to put themselves forward to other ward branches.

Other ward branches might also decide to invite people from other wards nearby. Or as Neville Chamberlain might have put it, "from quarrelling wards in faraway Muswell Hill and Highgate with people of whom we know nothing."

[N.B. Neville Chamberlain himself would not be an approved Haringey Labour candidate in 2022 because he was officially publicly and legally a Tory. (As opposed to some members of Labour.)  Neville's status as officially publicly and legally deceased would also be an obstacle. Though as Dorothy Parker once said — not about a Labour candidate — "how can they tell?".
Also Chamberlain's primary home was in Birmingham. These days Nev might need to move to Bristol and have a series of temporary rooms in Tottenham.

Obviously Neville Chamberlain never stood as a councillor or MP for Tottenham. This example is purely for illustration purposes.]



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