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The Budgens Stalls4All Co-ordinator has this evening circulated the following text in an email.

Stall4All outside Thornton's Budgens in Crouch End has been shut down by a Haringey council officer last Thursday the 7th of June on the grounds that our stalls needed to be licensed. When enquiring how I could go on about getting a license I was told we couldn't apply for one as the space (Budgens' own private space) in question is not considered a designated trading area.

This is extremely upsetting and frustrating for the stall holders we have been supporting for a whole year at a time of economic uncertainty. Stall4All is a not for profit organisation which has been supporting local residents in going back to work by providing them with a space to showcase and sell their work. In addition, we have been supporting local charities and community events such as the Crouch End Festival where children built their versions of the supermarket and the stalls outside, displayed at the library. Funnily enough, we have recently had an enquire from a council department to hire one of the stalls to help promote their services. How ironic, to say the least! Well, we will have to decline their application.

A big slice of our stalls' income goes to Pennies for Plastic which has been helping several charities in the area. By stopping us trading, the council is stopping money going to these causes which is just very unfortunate (and wrong).

We have been using the stalls for a year and I don't understand why they have caused a problem now and with no chance to sort it at all, even though we immediately ceased trading when told to and were willing to pay for a license to trade in our own pavement. I feel that my hands are tied and that I am letting down a lot of locals. Is there any way out of this situation?

I have copied a few media contacts into this email. I can only hope someone will see how unfair the situation is and make it public.

Thank you for reading.

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A big thankyou to Budgens and Ana who has worked very hard to support stall4all and us traders. Budgens continues and Ana has been such a great support to traders THANKYOU

The £21 licence fee a day ontop of the stall4all fee made hard for me to think of trading at stall4all and think it precluded nearly all traders. The last week or so Ana reduced the stall fee to half price for July to support us traders and this may continue until things sorted with council. This means that cost for Saturday is only £6 more and £11 more at weekdays making it more affordable particualrly at weekends. Where else would this happen:? Not anywhere I know.

Thanks Ana for all your tremendous work I know with little or no reward at present and thank you Budgens and Andrew - the Supermarket with a community heart.

By the way I'm out trading on Saturday 21st altho still waiting for licence to come; hopefully by tomorrow is what Harringey said!!



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