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I live in gorelston road n15 and park my campervan in the street.

Last night I was surprised to see a letter from the council attached to my van.

The letter accused me of 'living in the van and I'd been observed urinating, deficating , drinking alchohol, fighting, littering as engaging in anti-social behaviour'

It went on to threaten legal action and that immigration services would be visiting and would deport me if I was an illegal immigrant.

Finally at the end of the very aggressive and threatening letter was a contact number for housing services.

Is this the way the council intimidates homeless people?

I'm pretty appalled and ashamed at their attitude.

We've had homeless people living in cars further down the street in terrible conditions. These people are not criminals but vulnerable people that need out help.

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Looks like they officer has issued a standard letter to a number of vehicles in the area so not you specifically. Crass way of doing things.

Wow, that letter is pretty heavy handed, particularly the bit which says the recipient has been reported to the Immigration Services - lots of assumptions there.

And the Council Officer doesn't know how to write a letter properly; it should end Yours faithfully.

I agree that it's not a good letter, but I live in the area and you can't deny that there is a problem with the many campervans here (I'm thinking of those on Avenue Road and Caradon Way in particular) that people are living in. It's highly unpleasant to walk home past people urinating next to their vans. Tbh I live alone and I do feel uncomfortable walking past a line of them to get home.

They seem to park up wherever they feel like it whether parking is allowed or not - for example I think in Caradon Way vehicles are supposed to have a permit.

Why can't they park up at a campsite where there are facilities?

Back to the letter - the council could not actually take legal action without evidence you are sleeping in the van (and you are not). The letter is not even addressed to you so the next step would be for them to enquire with the DVLA as to the registered keeper of a vehicle that was causing a problem. They have to be certain they are asking for a legitimate reason and the DVLA does carry out audits regarding this.



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