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I had promised my daughter that I'd revive her 'fairy garden' toy by sowing fresh grass seed in it when I overseed our garden in the spring, but then forgot to save some for this purpose! 

Does anyone have any leftover grass seed that I could 'borrow'?

Just need literally a handful. Happy to make good when I buy my next batch*.



* I used AM Pro-8 from A1 Lawn to to grow a lawn from scratch after reviving a badly compacted, clay-ey garden with bad drainage and it's done quite well. So that's the one I'll be buying again later, though of course I'm happy with anything for the fairy garden :)

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What a lovely idea!You are welcome to a handful of grass seed - and no need to repay!

Do you want to pm me with your address and I could post it to you? Or you are welcome to pick it up from doorstep.

Thanks Kate, will drop you a line... 

I've got some too if you still need. 

Thank you Saima, got some from Kate already :) Thanks for offering though. 



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