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I am thinking of getting some shutters for my flat.  I've searched the threads and have got your recommendations of local companies to use- many thanks.  Would anyone be kind enough to give me a rough estimate of how much theirs cost? 

Also can I ask how useful you have found them?  I am thinking of using them as an alternative to double glazed sash for keeping heat in and hot sunlight out.  My flat is south facing and is unbearably hot in summer, and my neighbour downstairs said it's even worse since she got double glazing so I'm hoping shutters might be better.

Also do they help with traffic noise?

Many thanks!

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We had a quote this year from Plantation Shutters (highly recommended by a neighbour) for the front windows (both floors) of a Ladder house for between £4,000 and just under £5,500, depending on the material chosen. Cheaper than double glazing, if that's your benchmark, but thermal blinds would be cheaper......I imagine.

Thank you!

Dust traps!

Also seem to create condensation when closed  

The frames of ours are rather chunky and cut out a lot of light. 

They look nice though and we moved into a property with them already installed so I don't know what other models/styles are available. 

My husband thinks they will be dust traps too! Also take out some of the light....

Thanks for letting me know!

Can get them alot cheaper online 

we got ours from 24/7 blinds and have been fantastic quality 


Wow-they are a really good price!

Thanks for letting me know....

I had a plantation shutter installed in each of my upstairs bedroom windows and one (one large and two side shutters) installed in the bay window downstairs. They are all full length. It came to a total of £3.6k. They are a delight and perfect for keeping a room cool. Not sure that you would get them installed for this summer though - there is a long turnaround time these days for such work. Mine were installed by Nigel via Hillary’s. DM me if you want his details

Thank you, Janet, that's good to know.  It's so cool so far this summer but usually we are roasting in our bedroom by now!

Hi there, could you possibly send me details of your provider as well? got to do a similar job. many thanks


His name is Nigel and his number is 0753511460

We had ours done at theshutterstore for just under £1600 for a lower ground floor bay window,  but this was with a 25% speciall discount offer.  Had to wait about 3m but love them so far.. I was worried about not getting enough light in but no issues there.



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