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It does seem that the debate is really about the shame of being in a constituency with the name of Tottenham. Tottenham is in fact by far the largest part of this constituency; most of us live here so why shouldn't our constituency name reflect this? I really cannot bear it if once again our very old name is submerged in the name of Haringey. The name Haringey and Edmonton is meaningless - particularly as one covers the wider borough area and the other a small part of the borough of Enfield.

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I have sympathy with this view, being a member of the 'Don't rename Harringay' Society and who has frustrations with politicians who try to but do people define where they live by the name of the Parliamentary Constituency? Tottenham will not disappear from maps nor will people stop using it to say where they live. Names of areas don't change because the boundary commission tinkers every few years with them. (My Nana lives in a council estate on the outskirts of Ipswich but she is in the PC of Suffolk Coastal,despite being quite a few miles from any form of coast. I doubt most of her neighbours could even tell you which PC they live in) My point is that PC is probably the last thing people use to say where they live. I certainly don't and its not because I don't want to have any association with Tottenham, its quite simply that I don't live there and even digging back into the distant past(and I have your well reviewed book on my shelf ready to read btw), I don't think this area was ever wholly known as Tottenham, since the markers halfway up the Ladder put most of the western part in Hornsey (splitting hairs maybe but as I understand it the tarmac outside my house testifies to my house never having the good luck to be paved by the Tottenham board). However, the rate payers of Harringay have always resented anyone trying to subsume us

Anyway, as far as I know there are no plans to rename Tottenham and BME's campaign for accuracy in naming the PC is not getting a great deal of support from the great and the good, so unlike the 'stout fellows' of Harringay who are constantly forced into battle to "defend the style and identity of their venerable village from the encroachments of that modern upstart Hornsey" not to mention that abomination 'Green Lanes area' so beloved of local politicians, I think the residents of Tottenham can rest easy.

What does astonish me is the vehemence with which the 'Hornsey Upstarts' are resisting the SG change on cultural grounds, although it is heartening that after many years, their local MP has acknowledged that transport links east-west across the borough are dreadful. Perhaps she'd like to put her time to doing something about that? Might help make us all mix up a bit more. I support the Sustainable Haringey view that we have more in common than what divides us and that we should resist attempts by politicians and vested interests to split the two halves of the borough apart...and when the two MPs have got a bit of time, how's that school funding thing that would benefit the whole borough and on which they were working together going? Maybe they could collaborate more on sorting out traffic and public transport issues that cross the borough? Could we have some thoughts on why conservation areas struggle the further east they are situated, including the ones in Hornsey and WG like Noel Park?

Damn that railway line...if only Charlotte Riddell had had her way and it had never come, it's still doing damage to the area 100 years later, although now largely to people's minds.

Transport links across the borough are dreadful? What? Name me a road that crosses the railway in Haringey that does not have at least one bus route on it.


Is there a bus route that takes you all the way from Muswell Hill/Highgate to Tottenham? The W5 battles its gallant way through the back streets of Crouch End but it terminates at the edge of Harringay. Otherwise its all change at Turnpike Lane/Wood Green. I think Stephen once pointed out the W5 route could be extended further East for a start.
Anyway it was LynneF that said it on the video and she cites it as a reason why there's no connection between SG and Tottenham so it's clearly a barrier to some.

John is right. They are not "dreadful". You have the 144 bus from the Grt Camb Rd (Tottenham!) to Muswell Hill. The W3 goes from N'land Park to Finsbury Park via Hornsey, the foot of Muswell Hill and Crouch End (T'nam Lane end). I'm not sure how many people from Highgate would want to go to T'nam or vice-versa but, if they did, they could hop on the 41 which goes from T'nam Hale to Archway via Crouch End. Archway is, of course, a short walk, up the hill, to Highgate Village. There are at least 3 buses which will 'carry' you up in you're not able to walk it (5 mins?)

People from Highgate may want to visit the excellent Bruce Castle Museum to take advantage of their varied programme of events. People from Tottenham may be interested to take advantage of free films at Highgate Library, both financed with their council tax, of course. Just two examples. I'm with Stephen. It is much easier to get to the fringes than go from the centres of East and West Haringey. You're always sent to change at Turnpike Lane or Finsbury Park. Those in the middle of the parliamentary constituency of Tottenham with minor mobility problems may see all those bus changes as just too much trouble on an already circuitous journey.

A fact too little appreciated by posters of every political hue on here, as well as by the Mayor of London's Office and TFL, is that our Dear Leaderette must make her way by bus, morning and night, to and from her Muswell Hill Home to her WG Seat of Power and thence to her South Tottenham Ward (SS) which is now about to be snatched from under her feet and transplanted to Hackney North. What have the  Featherstone culture vultures of Stroud Green to complain about in comparison? Spare a thought for Ms Kober's plight.


On second thoughts, when I suggested last year that she serve under nice Mr Pipe in the new London Borough of Harr'ackney, she totally ignored my innovative costcutter proposal. So serve the hussy right.

Lynne F, not for the first time, is wrong. The W3 goes from Finsbury Park, right through Stroud Green, to T'nam. Shouldn't think she uses the buses. Could be wrong?

Justin that depends on what you call 'Tottenham'..


White Hart Lane or Northumberland Park isn't really what you would call Central Tottenham .. is it ?



John, I think you meant 'political nitpicking'. 

Win a point here and there..

Oh, FFS!

Stroud Green has always suffered from a lack of bus links, especially to the South, because of the low bridges at Finsbury Park. I don't think it is possible to lower the road under the bridges there because the Underground isn't that deep either.

The 153 which currently terminates at Finsbury Park could be also extended North Eastwards and already provides links to Holloway and the Angel. Although I don't think TfL is keen on extending already tendered routes.

You have to back to the early 1930s to find a 'Main Road' bus service from Harringay to Stroud Green.

A route 238 ran every '10 mins' from Forty Hill to Stroud Green on Mondays to Saturdays via Enfield, Palmers Green, Wood Green, Harringay, Manor House and Finsbury Park. With a 3d Fare from Stroud Green to Wood Green.

LT Single Deck Routes 238-244 1934

From the London Transport October 1934 Timetable book.




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