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Connect with Nature: Come walk and notice nature with us at St Ann's Hospital

The week before half-term, our walk looked at colour and we tried to collect as many different colours as we could, then matching to the same colour chart used by Darwin on his voyage on the Beagle.

We had fun categorising our finds and laying them on the correct cards.

This week the walk is going to focus on noticing nature in the overlooked, the inhospitable and the unusual places and discussing nature's ability to make a home for itself almost anywhere. We'll be looking for the small, the unnoticed and the not so well-loved things that are still nevertheless vital parts of our ecosystem. We will turn over rocks and logs and poke about in the hedges for the creatures that work hard for very little thanks. 

As usual we'll be collecting for the Nature Table with an emphasis on the colour yellow this week as the leaves change and drop. 

And hopefully we'll find a fungus or two.

Join us at 2pm on Thursday 4th November by the Mulberry tree in the Peace Garden (straight through the main gates to the big lawn) to go on the walk and, if you choose to, take part in the simple activities designed to help you connect with nature.

Whether you come for the whole session or just walk with us for a little while, you are very welcome.

We walk slowly and not for too long in our explorations, so is suitable for adults of every age. Good dogs on leads welcome. Although we aim our walks at adults, don't let having a baby or toddler put you off. We can accommodate pushchairs and always welcome children. We can also choose routes for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. 

Any questions contact friendsofstags@gmail.com or via social media

Refreshments and rest at Mayfield House after the walk will be available.  


“It’s been well documented that being out in nature is good for the mood. That’s very nice, but it can feel like a broad instruction. It can be difficult to know where exactly you’re meant to look and what it might mean…(we want to ) give you a good idea of things to look out for, whether you’re new to noticing nature or well-versed in flora and fauna” - Jessica Lee

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I just saw this, wish I had seen it sooner!

Hi Bee, our last session will be on the 18th November and we'll be discussing how the Natural World prepares for Winter. Hope you can make it.

Thank you! I will try!



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