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I have heard that the Council is intending to roll out these rather unattractive and large grit boxes along Green Lanes to deal with domestic waste from the flats above the shops.  I get what is behind it, but it seems that they are replacing one problem with a set of others (asb, maintenance and cleanliness, visual clutter, enforcement, trip hazard etc).

In a time where other local authorities are decluttering their high streets, I understand the council is looking to place these in a number of locations (I wonder if areas like Muswell Hill and Crouch End will be getting them?) and these boxes could become a permanent fixture on Green Lanes.

I understand that the current boxes are part of a trail, and if deemed successful, could line both sides of the whole length of Green Lanes.

That's as much as I have heard.

I welcome a forum discussion about this.

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I noticed them just today as well and I share similar concerns as you do.

I think its a good idea in principle but in practice they do pose some problems. Ideally they'd be higher, larger and more robust. At the moment they look a bit flimsy and are too low to the ground. I can imagine pedestrians tripping over them and rolling into the road as they navigate the people and clutter on the footpath. At least someone at the Council is starting to thing about this sort of thing.

There's a couple of them on the corner of our road too and people put their rubbish bags next to them! You can lead the horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Whatever design the council comes up with there are people who don't like them. 

There's no good solution, is there? They're better than the piles of suppurating rubbish bags that hitherto graced the street, in my opinion

It'll be interesting to see if there's any drainage in the otherwise they're going to get pretty stinky

Good idea but ony being deployed for multiple occupancies above shops. In Falkand Rd residents at 141 to 144 multiple occupancy, not above a shop , continue to dump rubbish in the street. Another half thought out Haringey solution

We have them here on West Green Road. There is also a taller metal bin by some of the shops. I think they work well. I've worked in Environment Services for another council and my initial reaction was to worry that they would attract fly tipping, but I don't think they have and the overall result is the street looking a lot tidier than it did.  When I first moved here it was horrendous so it's a huge improvement - though there are still some piles of black bags that I assume to be unpaid business waste due to the number of them.

As someone who actually lives in a flat above a shop in Green Lanes, I think they are an excellent idea. Much better than having piles of rubbish bags outside your front door!

I agree! Also means rubbish can be taken out at any time, and is not visible, whereas at present people leave bags out at all hours (even though they shouldn't).



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