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Coming to a city near you: the language of gentrification

Grist examines how the media discuss less affluent neighbourhoods in US cities as they "gentrify". Yes, they mention The New York Times but the language and attitudes are no different from some breathless write up of a London "village"  in the Evening Standard or a Let's Move to...feature in the Guardian

Read the article here

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Many neighbourhoods (take London in this case) became impoverished as a result of 'white flight', now the process has been reversed even enveloping areas that have been traditionally poor (not to say of course that the incomers are exclusively white, just richer). Unfortunately, a lot of the low-waged have been caught up in the process, but so have many of the lazy, feckless, criminal class been exported far out of London because taxpayers no longer have to pay for their excess rent and errant lifestyle. In the nineties I worked in an office in Dalston, staff would take turns to look out of the window to watch the cars in the car park as smash-and-grabs occurred daily, if such criminals are being exiled from our great city then good riddance.

Can we appoint Xavier our long awaited, long foretold Xavier, Redeemer, Prophet and Watcher of our expensive Transports of Delight?

Islington Council are congratulating themselves with their residents' increases in life expectancy. There is of course some evidence that this is entirely down to "new residents".

If you think that evicting the poor will include all the criminals, or even any of them, I'll have to disagree with you. There are laws for dealing with criminals, we don't use monetary policy for that.

Thanks for the link Liz, one of our clients was in London yesterday, born and bred in NYC, lives in the Chelsea area.  He mentioned that the view from his office would be gone the next time we visited because of the rate of skyscrapers being built around there, meant the view would be obliterated.  Also, there's no where left to buy a half pint of milk/ groceries and dry cleaners that are just shop fronts as all the dirty work is done somewhere else.  I mentioned how this process in PCL, was leading to whole areas being dead at night as no one was living in the buildings, and shops going bust because they had no communities to support their businesses.  just lots of shiny new apartments for rich people using them as an investment vehicle, 



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