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Hello. I am wanting to buy some nice comfy type of seating for my teenagers who share a bedroom but now we need to make a loft space upstairs for them to hang out when the other one has friends over , looking for small armchairs or a small sofa or any sort of comfy chairs nothing too fancy don’t want to spend hundreds please send me pictures of anything you are thinking of selling. Thank you


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Barnet Furniture warehouse had some nice large floor cushions on their page - its a charity that recycles furniture

I will have a look thanks I didn’t realise they had a website. I was thinking of popping there. 

Freecycle is also worth a look at if you haven't already. Always tons of seating on there for all tastes.

Thank you. I have tried on freecycle. Nothing yet.  Thanks. 

Have you looked at the British Heart Foundation charity shop in Finsbury Park? The do loads of second-hand furniture that has been donated to them. We've donated stuff to them in the past. They have furniture for sale at very fair prices. As for us, we have a two-seat Ercol-style, tow-seat sofa (1960s, wooden frame, rubber slats, recently replaced front and back cushions) that is a very solid, robust piece of furniture. We have been thinking for some time of giving it away, though I have a bit of an emotional attachment to it, as it was given to me by a much loved aunt and uncle, back in 1979. I am sure now they would want me to find it a good home. I suspect it's not the kind of thing you're looking for, but if you like I could send you some pictures of it. If you could give it a good home, you'd be helping us because it would free up some space. Anyway, just a thought.

Oh no that’s exactly what I had in mind but yesterday I got done in eBay as I had tried local. Thank you for your reply send me a picture anyway and I will see if o can fit in anywhere else I do love old furniture especially 50/60s 

May I see some photos of the Ercol-style two seater? I am looking for a new sofa. Thanks in advance.



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