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Last week, Hugh posted an interesting thread on Myddleton Gardens and Michael helpfully provided advice about how to get there by public transport, which is a must for me since I don't have a car or, indeed, a driving licence.

We discussed on that post how useful it would be to group posts like this, and I decided to start by tagging that post "days out"

The post had reminded me that about a thousand years ago, when I had small children, that a loooong post which was updated for two years listed lots of great ideas for fun days out off the beaten track that didn't need a car. As luck would have it I had used the tag "days out"  for it so when I tagged Hugh's post up it came along with a post about Gunpowder Park that Hugh had written (I've changed the link Hugh as the old one had expired). I expect some of the information is out of date on that old post but there's still lots of good suggestions. 

I think collecting posts about places to visit under a single tag might be useful both as inspiration and ideas for people who might be new to the area. Adding public transport information as much as possible would also be helpful.

So, if you have any suggestions for good days out (not necessarily with kids!)  it would be great to add them regularly to the site and please remember to add the tag "days out" so that it can be easily retrieved

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Great idea - I visited Myddleton Gardens last weekend after reading the post, it was absolutely brilliant. Such a great space, and one that I had never heard of before.



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