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I have read that the co-op has bought the Budgens in Crouch End and will be moving there soon. Does anyone know what is supposed to be taking over the co-op in Tottenham
Lane then where the Co-op is now?

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Working assumption is it will remain, since it's front of house for the petrol station there.

There's a precedent: the Oddbins on Crouch Hill has been there a while, the Nicolas/Spirited Wines on The Broadway was taken over by Oddbins more recently, and they coexist.

And in the village I visit in Kent, there are two Co-ops facing each other on the High Street.

Wasn't there also a little Budgens in Crouch End at the same time as the big one? The shop that was the 7-11? I can't really remember. Not sure what it is now, but probably a coffee shop.

Looks like it (my memory of place is not good): Budgens did take over the 7-Eleven chain says Wikipedia, and there's a blog post here saying of The Broadway:

"So, right next door to a Starbucks and a couple of doors down from a Costa, opens a Harris + Hoole. And with it a stretch of shops that once had a Clintons, an Our Price, a Woolworths, a 7-Eleven, and FADS for DIY becomes another classic example of north London’s lattification."

Not a Crouch End regular visitor, for more info there's the Hornsey Historical Society or you could ask on the Opinion8 neighbourhood website. 

Budgens in general was one of the 'corner shop' chains I think, latterly they opened larger stores like Crouch End as franchises, and the Crouch End store which they touted as their flagship branch was previously a Safeway.

The Budgens and Londis chains were bought by the Booker food group last year, and Budgens have sold a dozen or so stores to the Co-op group as a consequence. Andrew Thornton who ran the Crouch End store is still involved with the Budgens on Haverstock Hill.

Great thanks, and ta for the tip about OpinioN8 which I didn't know about.



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