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I have two bags of items to give away. Preferably to help the homeless or a family in need. The items include;

3x small towels (white & pale yellow)

1x Oxford University hoodie, small, virtually brand new

1x long grey hoodie

1x Levis 501 jeans, W32 x L32

2x size 8 ladies blouses

2x size 8 ladies shoes

1x blue canvas belt, small waist

3x small/medium t-shirts

various other bits and pieces

1x double duvet & cover

2x pillow cases, matching duvet cover

All clothing has been freshly laundered. All items have been used but still have plenty of life left in them. Since I don't have the energy to list them on ebay, I would like them to help someone in need. They will need to be collected from Seven Sisters. I am offering this on an all or nothing basis so anyone collecting will have to take the whole lot. 

Do contact me if you are interested. Thanks.

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Hi Charlie

You could bring them over to the Haringey Migrant Support Cente at St John Vianney's Church on Westgreen Rd. Plenty of homeless people and families in need to help there.


Dear Con.

Thanks for your reply. I didn't know about Migrant Support Centre. Yes, it sounds like they'll have people who'd appreciate my stuff. I'll contact them tomorrow. Much appreciated.

Regards, CX



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