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Cllr scrutiny pulls no punches in exonerating big concerts in Finsbury Park

The council's scrutiny committee has published the findings of the review of this summer's concerts in Finsbury Park.

More info at Item 14 on the agenda for the committee's meeting on Monday 19th October, 7pm at Civic Centre.


Amidst a series of recommendations calling for better information about the events to be promoted and for changes to organisational procedures, the report avoids serious consideration of the disruption to the public caused by the concerts and their lasting damage to the park.

Please come along to the 'public' meeting on Monday 19th. The Friends of Finsbury Park will be present, and residents from Hackney and Islington are allowed to question the committee members.

Committee members are

Cllr Wright (Chair) - charles.wright@haringey.gov.uk
Cllr Jogee - adam.jogee@haringey.gov.uk
Cllr Ayisi - eugene.ayisi@haringey.gov.uk
Cllr Hearn - kirsten.hearn@haringey.gov.uk
Cllr Connor - pippa.connor@haringey.gov.uk

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I was just looking at the rules! The rules if taken word for word are pretty strict for all meetings!  

I entirely accept that, Matty. I think the difference is that Scrutiny isn't technically a decision-making meeting. (And certainly isn't circumscribed like a Planning Committee where people can and do make legal challenges if the strict procedure is not properly followed.)

I also accept that there have to be rules, and that sometimes relaxing them in Scrutiny fails. For example when there are people who simply want to keep repeating themselves, or shout and drown out other views. In which case the person chairing has to draw a line and enforce the rules. Which is why I mentioned courtesy having to go both ways.

I suppose what I meant is that unlike a decision-making committee which commits the Council to spending money or agreeing proposals, Scrutiny meetings are one place where it's possible to be more open-ended. A place for: "Hmm, that's interesting. Hadn't thought of that".  Where thinking is allowed.

Thanks for your focus on the procedural rules. I stand by what I said

Please come along to the 'public' meeting on Monday 19th. The Friends of Finsbury Park will be present, and residents from Hackney and Islington are allowed to question the committee members.

Please note: Cllr Wright has waived the rule that only Haringey residents can speak.

Perhaps another recommendation should be to shy from public accountability by putting in place better rules on asking questions? Now that is doublespeak worthy of the council's spin squad.

Good for you Martin Ball - even when you are wrong! 

Which bit is wrong?

I trust you didn't see the response from Cllr Emmina Ibrahim?

I saw the comments. They provide detail of the procedures, but don"t rule out what I originally said.

People from the surrounding three boroughs can - if they navigate the procedures - ask a question. I also hope that Cllr Wright will be flexible in allowing public scrutiny at the meeting next Monday.

Have you read the report? What is your view of the recommendations?

This is different to what I think you are suggesting elsewhere on social media. Anyway, I have skimmed the report and recommendations - they seem to cover a lot of the areas raised following Wireless - do you not agree? I will give it more attention when I can get to a printer.  


Wouldn't it be better if rather then insisting its a public meeting (which it isn't) that you consider that with 7 days to go people who want to ask questions use the process. Yes the chair has discretion but that's an exception not the rule. Perhaps you think it more helpful for people to turn up and be disappointed rather then calling on people to use the process and then if there are those who haven't then discretion is used by the Chair. My role is to make sure residents are not disappointed and know what they need to do for their voice to be heard. Perhaps there are those who would rather residents walked away angry as it would certainly add to the obstructively negative narrative on Finsbury Park concerts coming from some quarters. I am not one of those people, I want residents to come and be heard.

Cllr Emine Ibrahim
Labour Cllr - Harringay Ward
That is why in starting this discussion I encouraged people to attend the meeting and made it clear it was open to residents from all three affected boroughs..it is better to encourage involvement and then explain to people how to jump the procedural hurdles. Not start by saying the process is complicated, but you can ask a question if you are successful in navigating them.

Glad you support residents being able to ask questions, and know from personal experience that you will play your part in encouraging democratic scrutiny of the report and the committee's recommendations.

So back to the recommendations...what do people think? They seem to cover a number of the issues flagged up on here following Wireless. Hopefully the work of scrutiny (with input from both Labour and the Lib Dem(s)) will be accepted so future events are better for all concerned.

" on Finsbury Park concerts coming from some quarters"

Can you please elaborate on this? Some people are objecting to the havoc that the 'events' cause. Why is this seen as an "obstructively negative narrative"? Just say you don't agree and explain why.

But don't diss what they say in that way. It is typical of this council to dismiss what people say and spin it out of context to make untruths become truths. We are seeing that daily in Tottenham.



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