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Hi everyone,

New in the area, I just wonder if there are local shops (beyond Homebase) selling Christmas Trees near the Salisbury pub? If the money can help support a cause that would be even better.

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Thank you Osbawn, a bit far indeed, but that might be good to know for other people.

Big pile by Endymion road Gate - Finsbury Park 

Just read there will be a shortage due to Russia having issues - reported one of UK biggest suppliers 

Hi Bob,

I didn't know Russia is one of the UK biggest suppliers. I'm trying to find a more local option, but thanks for the info!

The small supermarket opposite the Salisbury dining room entrance on St Ann's Road was selling one this evening.

There's also usually a seller that sets up in a goods yard on Rowley Road close to the junction with SAR each year. I haven't seen them yet but I think they usually start in December.

Thanks for the info Peter, I'll have a look tomorrow.

There is a sale outside the Langam club each year, also on Ritches Road (corner with St Anns), one next to Jam in Jar, and a few dotted along green lanes shops... so plenty of choice,  poetically just need to wait for Lockdown to end

Thank you Sheila. I'll have a look (now that the lock-down seems to ease a bit)

You could support a local family business who’ll deliver you a tree, which you can buy or rent AND they’ll make a donation to Chestnuts Primary school www.christmasonthehill.co.uk

Enter the code Chestnuts20 to make the donation



Thanks for this! That's exactly what I was looking for. I've had a look at the renting options. It's a bit expensive with the delivery/pick up but worth considering (in addition to the donation to the Chestnut Primary school!)

Wait until about 6th January  , there will be plenty of free ones littering a pavement near you.


Hence why I'm considering renting one Tim.
Can I kindly ask you what "VIZ PSA" means?

VIZ- The well known comic, PSA- Public Service Announcement



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