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Christian Wolmar the only 'serious' candidate for 2016 London Mayoral Election

You may think that the 2016 Mayoral elections are a long way away and that you’ll see what the field looks like and cast your vote then. In the mean time, life needs living innit? Don’t you get a little disheartened by the choices on offer when it does come down to it though? Wouldn’t you like to put a little effort in now and see those choices improved? Wouldn’t you like candidates that haven’t been given enormous campaign donations by wealthy businesspeople with agendas almost perpendicular to those of residents?

Christian Wolmar is currently the only declared candidate for the London Labour Mayoral nomination. Other possibles include David Lammy, Dianne Abbott, Margaret Hodge, Tessa JowellSadiq Khan and Andrew Adonis. Christian estimates that he needs about £20,000 in the short term and double that by May to make a serious challenge. He is a keen cyclist, world renowned expert on railways and transport, has some commendable views on housing and sustainability and crucially he stands a chance of being the Labour candidate and we all know what a machine that is for getting people elected. Even if he is not selected, dragging the field in his direction would be invaluable for London.

From his website:

"I am not a politician – though by making this move I will become one – and I hope that by throwing my hat in the ring, I will attract others from outside the Westminster Village to try their luck. The mayoralty was created precisely with the idea that it would attract informed outsiders rather than the usual suspects. Let’s hope that can now change."


I am going to donate towards his campaign, not much because I’m a bit poor lately, but I would encourage others who agree with what I have said and like the look of him to do the same. DONATE HERE.

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Seconded. Sadly, I fear he has little and less chance of winning, even though he is and will in all probability remain the best qualified candidate for the job. If we get another stunt candidate or another jaded, cynical career politician, I will despair.

He doesn't need to win or even be selected. He just needs to take the debate in the right direction for the other Labour candidates.

Margaret Hodge could be good choice but I think she may too high up the food chain for us.  Islington was exciting when she lead it.

Unfortunately the voters have shown that what they want is someone with funny hair who has been on TV a lot.  Christian is well qualified but as he has neither of these attributes he won't get it.  It has to be someone known already - I was hoping Eddie Izzard may have that, but from what I've read he's a bit of a d*ck.  If Glenda Jackson was ten years younger....     or ditto John Prescott but he's too committed to Hull. 

It is about keeping him in the running as long as possible because then he will be framing the debate. If he is selected ( unlikely at this stage I know but finance plays a big part in that) then the Labour Election machine should do the rest.

As it stands, the other candidates are likely to need similar sums and if they have to take donations from businessmen (the traders on Green Lanes know how to play this) then expect to take a back seat to them. If Christian Wolmar's campaign can just attract finance from the kind of Londoners who moan on here about Boris's policies then no matter who gets elected, they will have had to make some promises that they otherwise would not have.

Democracy is not just voting! Give generously!
Christian used to be active in my branch of what was NALGO (now Unison). Always struck me as an intelligent person who was able to actually cut through the rubbish and get to the heart of the matter

Pamish - Christian's hair was on the frizzy side and I think he's done some telly (on transport issues), so he may well sway the popular vote.

Yes I like the man, we go back to City Limits days. He just needs to get on HIGNFY and Question Time and the rest, and be an XFactor judge too. As we move towards USian style presidential campaigning, that's all that matters. I think 'telegenic' is now in the OED.

And now we have Boris running for PM (*cough denials*) , that is scary as the same voter rabbit-n-headlights trend will mean a tory govt till I die, especially if Scotland takes its MP's away.

A socialist seeking the Labour Party nomination, inconceivable.
Yeah, who da thunk it
Boris came out on telly last night. It was rather moving. Now he's just got to let his mum and dad know, though I think they had their suspicions as he'd been hanging around those bars in Westminster that cater to a certain clientele.



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