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Are there any local classical choirs locally?
Would love to get some recommendations

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Hello Emma

There are two choirs in Tottenham

Tottenham Community Choir

New Tottenham Singers.

The TCC tends to be choral versions of show tunes / standards. http://www.tottenhamcommunitychoir.org/

The NTS is more classical oriented. The NTS are having a Come and Sing this Saturday aimed at attracting new members -  you might want to come along. http://www.tottenhamsingers.com/come-and-sing-day-2016/

The Crouch End Festival Chorus is also possible, depending on your standard. They audition first, the other two don't audition.

I can recommend the Tottenham Choirs too very sociable and fun people

Hi Emma

I belong to Crouch End Singers which I would thoroughly recommend you come and try. - I have provided a link to our website.
We meet at Rokesley School on Monday Eve's at 7.15. Our teacher Birgitta provides us with a great mix of music styles, mainly classical and we work towards performances, the latest being Choir of the Year!

Hope to see you there.


Highgate Choral Society and Islington Choral Society too, but both are full at the moment in the soprano and alto sections.

Try Eclectic Voices - we are based in Highbury Barn and do everyhting from stanard and non-standard classical reprtoire, to world, to jazz, to gospel, to original compositions. If you read music and want a mixture of straight forward stuff and challenging stuff try us out. Check out our web-site - we are a chilled choir that has fun and attains a high quality of performance - we sing with great jazz groups, big bands, small orchestras but we are NOT a choral society if that is what you are after.

Our auditions recently reopened and we have some limited spaces for members for all female parts at the moment including male tenors and bass


Oh shucks! Sorry for not replying I am taking notes of all these recommendations and am overwhelmed by how much choice there is locally. I am very grateful for all your suggestions and hope to check them out in due course. 

Hope you find something to suit

Hey John and Gordon 

I also sing in a local acapella choir of about 12 people and one of our tenors is leaving to go live in Germany so if either of you sing and are tenors wold you be interested?

Sorry Henry, I'm a bass. - a baritone at a stretch.

Thanks for the invite but when I could sing I was a lightweight bass.



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