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Apologies if there is already a thread about this but does anyone know if China City has closed for good?


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I feel really sad when these discussions get personal. Should people not be able to air their views about a place? Some say good and others say bad. Obviously we've all just had different experiences and that's ok. I'm pleased we can all comment with our personal experiences and would expect them to be respected. What makes me really sad is the leap from commenting on the quality of restaurants to making assertions about people's motives and personalities. This (and other discussions recently) are putting me off commenting on posts and using hol. This is sad as this could be a really good community where we pull together (whilst respecting that we have different opinions)

Sorry you're feeling that way, Alice. 

There were a couple of rather sharp comments on this post which were edited out yesterday. Are there others you take exception to? I'll happily take a look. 

We try and draw the line between not over-moderating whilst keeping things relatively respectful. We're careful as to who we allow on the site, keep an eye out for the worst transgressions and always react quickly to any complaints.  Questionable posts or comments are edited or deleted and repeat offenders kicked off the site.

We're happy to take on suggestions as to anything else we can do or how to do what we do do better.

I do think editing my comment about someone else saying something stupid is over moderating. For the record. 

Of course it's fine for you to disagree, but please try and keep things respectful. Calling someone else stupid isn't respectful and warrants editing or removal.

I don’t believe I called someone stupid. I agreed it was a stupid comment. The two are totally different. 

Yes, the two are different, but not entirely so, and any difference is likely to be much more keenly perceived by the author of that perception rather than by the author of the statement to which it refers. For that reason, at various points, our House Rules include the following

  • Specified amongst postings that are not allowed Postings that are disrespectful of others on the site, either by dint of disparaging another person or what another person has written
  • Please present opinions and positions in a tactful and moderate fashion
  • Always exchange ideas in a civil and measured manner and avoid flaming (aggravating and/or mean spirited posts)
  • Avoid any behaviour that may deter other members from posting.
  • Please be courteous to other members. Whilst differences of opinion are inevitable, we do not allow discourtesy in the discussions.

Respectfully pointing out where and why you disagree with someone is one thing; simply calling their comment 'stupid' is entirely different.

I think its just the general direction that the discussions are going. The facts are (1) the takeaway appears to be shutting (2) some people are sad -they really like the food (3) others didn't like the food. I'm happy about the difference of opinion and encourage constrictive debate. Happy that some comments are modified that may be upsetting. I would really like us to be a happy community that shares opinions (but not insults)

Yes, a happy community is the goal. It's always going to be the case that some people cross the line, wherever you are. We do our best to keep things civil. Happy to be contacted about the things we miss. 

It seams to have closed down - such a shame - went there for lovely big bowls of noodle soup - perfect on cold or wet wintery days. I for one have missed it already.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this discussion. For the record we loved China City. We have used it since it opened and will miss it. Thank you China City. 



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