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Childminder needed with North Harringay Primary pick up and drop off


The most recent threads on this are a bit out of date but we are looking for a childminder in the new year who would be able to take our one year old plus do pick ups and a few drop offs to North Harringay Primary as well. We are near Turnpike Lane tube so ideally around this end of the Ladder if at all possible,

Any recommendations gratefully received!


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Hi there,

Nisha used to work at my son’s nursery and recently decided to work for herself so she may be free togive you a hand. She looks after mine when my nanny is off and I really like her. Mine are both in school now so I know her for some years now. She is reliable, is very calm but manages to engage the kids on Activities and strictly follows what I ask her to do and the kids love her!

her contact:

07951 489526



You sure you're looking in the right place? Try clicking the tag added under your post - plenty of 2018 childcare threads there.



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