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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Some of today's cashmobbers posing for the Hornsey Journal's photographer, Tony Gay. Photo Nigel Lupton


In spite of the torrential downpour today, a good crowd turned up to spend their £10 notes in one of the UK's first cash mobs.

We didn't count the cashmobbers, but I came home with just four of the 100 Harringay Cashmob badges kindly donated by the Print Gallery on Green Lanes.

Market organiser Jessica Vos said "It was fantastic, I was so touched to see all the people who turned up to support the cashmob. Lots of the traders told me how happy they were with the extra money the 'mob' brought in and all the exposure we got". 

Stallholder for Big Green Books, Simon Key told me, "The cashmob was a great success. I looked up at 1pm to see this sea of people. Crazy. I suspect twice as many would have shown up had the weather been better. 

"One of the aims of the cashmob was to help raise the profile of the market and this has most certainly been achieved. I see a potentially very bright future for the market".

So what future cashmobs in this neck of the woods? Bowes and Bounds website editor Richard McKeever who's been a huge help organising the day turned to me at the end of the afternoon and asked "So where shall we do the next one, Hugh?" As it happens he has a great idea on that score - but I'll let him share that with you all.

Hear the live broadcast from the BBC here and read more about the mob in next week's Journal.

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What they did with their £10. A selection of cashmob hauls from Facebook, Twitter and Flickr:


1. Chloé Lennox

Just got back from Harringay Market and got all of this for £10! Cashmob paid out... Bargain! :-)— with Harringay market.



2. Billy Clark

Our best buys were the salted caramel and vodka-and-kahlua-laced brownies. All demolished too quick for photos, though. The salted caramel tray went from full to one left (which we bought) in about 5 minutes! The boozy ones were labelled 'The Dude' B--)


3. Charlotte Friis

We came back with fab Spanish tortilla from Gloria's tapas and great rye bread, cheeses, eggs, potatos, etc.


4. Tootoomoo (@IamTootoomoo)

2 Books, 1 cucumber, sage, strawberries and a baked brownie. A tenner well spent.

5. Karen Alexander (@HarringayKJA)

Bought purple & yellow carrots, very nice they were too. 3 different cheeses and some lovely lamb mint & corrie sausages

6. Luptonn

Harringay Market Goodies: Eggs, Yellow Cauliflower, Courgettes and BlackPepper Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate & Guiness Brownie from Luptonn



Good to see Cllr Alexander there in the picture. Did any of the other councillors support this?

No, (although councillor Schmitz's family were there).

I imagine David was at the party conference in Brighton?

Pity none of the others could come. I'd love to see the support for the traders on Green Lanes extend to businesses who aren't represented on the Green Lanes Strategy group.

Sub-conversation closed. Let's keep this joyful!

We went a bit earlier and came home with a rabbit (for a stew), some cakes and cheese, veg and bread. Also had one of the delicious hot salt beef sandwiches while we were there - just what was needed on a rainy, windy day.

The rabbit was excellent by the way, and cost half what they do on Green Lanes.

I was so annoyed I couldn't make it, but sadly wasn't well enough. Glad that it got such a great turnout despite the weather and looking forward to visiting the market again soon (hopefully this weekend!)

Of course. Come along to the next one - if you like the cause!

Hey, maybe you guys can help us promote our very own community car boot in weston park school to raise funds for school. It's happening this Sunday from 9 to 1pm, come and check it out!



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