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My partner noticed that a young street tree diagonally opposite our house was looking a bit worse for wear, with leaves looking very dry and turning brown at the edges. It needed help.

A few plants in my garden have been showing signs of distress due to lack of rain over the past few months. As a rule, I tend only to regularly water plants in pots or newly planted specimens, splashing a bit extra about in the event of very hot weather. This year, I seem to have got things a bit wrong. I know the first four months of the year were dry, but I thought things were running at about average for the past two months. Some plants in my garden and the Amelanchier opposite us seem to think differently.

I've given the tree a full can of water both today and yesterday and, apart from the fried leaf edges, it looks a bit perkier, I think. I'll keep an eye on it over the coming days and weeks. 

I'm adding this post in case our nearby Amelanchier isn't an isolated case of tree-distress and there are other young trees out there that need a helping hand.

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My garden is suffering with the dryness. A newly planted bed is struggling to establish. The meadow area of lawn is holding up a lot better than the cut parts. 

Hi all, rainfall figures for the year to date from a nearby weather station [Hampstead] [%'s - of average]

Jan 16.8mm  (28%)

Feb 52.4mm (116%)

Mar 27.4mm (70%)

Apr 18.0mm (43%)

May 28.4mm (62%)

Jun 27.8mm (59%)

Jul so far 1mm (2%)

So yes, rainfall persistently well below average, and the next week or so is forecast to be dry, sunny, and increasingly hot, pushing up the evapotranspiration demand for plants. Walking those streets...

and spot-watering our newly-planted garden.

Thanks, Gordon. As well as below average rainfall, I think what we have had has come in a few heavy downpours, rather than consistent regular rainfall - not that anything is ever consistent with the English weather, but I think it’s been even less so this last few months.

Two of ours were unfortunately cut down by some unknown loon arborist, as well as one outside the Salisbury. They are all showing signs of regrowth, but will end up very bushy I suspect. 

I siphon off our bath water into out rain butts, so I still water liberally! I have really noticed the drought though! 

All street trees need watering not just any new planted, Helps with subsidence issues etc. Use your bath/waste water and pour down the bottom of the trunk if there is not enough tree pit left around the bottom. CARE FOR YOUR STREET TREES, nice in the shade at the moment!?



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