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Charity offers on-request pick up of unwanted clothes & shoes!

Hello!  I live in Haringey and also work for the environmental  charity TRAID.  We are trialling a scheme across the borough, including Harringay ward, offering residents a free pick up of unwanted clothes and shoes direct from your door. 

They are timed for Wednesday evenings between 6 - 9, when more people are home and you can give your donations directly to our driver (protects them from theft and weather) who will be in a clearly branded TRAID van.  Your donations enable us to stock our charity shops, and some of you may know we have one of our biggest shops locally in the heart of Wood Green. 

Book online www.traid.org.uk/collections by email recycling@traid.org.uk or by phone 020 8733 2580 (then Option 1). 

Funds raised from your donations support international development  projects fighting poverty, exploitation and environmental harm across the textile supply chain including child and sweatshop labour, helping garment workers to access basic rights and safer working conditions, pesticide free cotton and much more!  Visit our projects page to find out more www.traid.org.uk/projects.html I've attached a leaflet, and if anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!  Thanks & please do spread the word to friends, family and neighbours.  And, if you're that way inclined, you can follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/traid 


Thanks, Leigh



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Thanks Leigh. Harringay neighbourhood includes Harringay Ward and bits of St Ann's and Seven Sisters wards too (Don't blame us; blame the Council!). Is the whole of Harringay neighbourhood included in your scheme? 

It is, as well as parts of Islington & Camden.  If this trial goes well, we will extend further.  thanks!

This is great, I often have stuff to give to charity shops but I don't drive so it can be difficult to haul it to the right places. Will remember this!

That's great Chris - many thanks! Leigh 

Great. Is it just shoes and Clothes or do you take other items such as handbags, housewares and books?

Hi Jade - Yes, we take accessories, bric-a-brac, books, linen, DVD's, computer games etc too.  What we don't take are duvets or pillows as we can't reuse them.  Thanks! Leigh

Thanks to everyone who booked collections last week!  You've helped us to stock our charity shops! 

 If you book today before 3pm, TRAID will collect from you tomorrow evening (all collections in Haringey are on Wednesday evenigns). Our lovely driver is called Bill and drives a TRAID van branded with our very bright charity livery.  Book online www.traid.org.uk/collections by email recycling@traid.org.uk or by phone 020 8733 2580 (then Option 1).



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