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Changes announced to Enfield Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - what can Haringey learn?

The following is reported on the Palmers Green website:

Enfield Council is planning to make it easier for emergency services and disabled people to access the Fox Lane and Bowes low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) by removing some of the bollards that are currently used to create "filters" and converting them to camera-controlled access control points like the one at the railway bridge in Fox Lane. Cars used by registered blue.badge holders living within specified areas will be allowed to drive past the filter points without being fined, as will dial-a-ride minibuses.

In the Fox Lane LTN the plan is to convert three filters from bollards to camera-controlled restrictions: at the Fox Lane end of the Mall and Selborne Road and in Oakfield Road at its junction with the Mall. The emergency services and dial-a-ride buses will be permitted to drive past the cameras, as will vehicles with a "FOX" permit"

What this may tell us is the at the science of LTNs is a developing one. I think we should at least be asking Haringey if they have enquired as to why Enfield have committed expenditure to making this change. In my view we should also seek a clear understanding as to the soundness of any choice they propose. 

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Haringey are looking at putting an exemption policy in place before the LTNs are introduced, at least this is what I was told at the last workshop for disabled people and carers I attended. Apparently other councils didn't do this and are now having to look at exemptions after the LTNs were put in.

I was also told (at a different meeting) that in the St Ann's LTN there won't be any physical barriers only camera enforced 'barriers'. I don't know if this is just for the trail period or because emergency services have requested this.

That's interesting. Virtual barriers seem to make a lot more sense to me. Thank you, Julie.

Yes, the St Ann's one is virtually all camera enforced barriers. The Bruce Grove West one will have more physical barriers too but each "zone" will also have some camera enforced ones to allow access between them for those who are allowed. They will generally also have some physical barrier (mainly planters I think) to narrow the road and make it clear there is a restriction but it will be possible to drive through them.

I think this was initially at the request of the emergency services but it seems like it will also benefit the blue badge exemption that they are now planning.

Having spent a lot of time at the exemptions meetings and after lots of nodding in agreement, I was disappointed that they seem to have 'parked' that work as they are now bringing in external consultants.

"As part of the next steps, we will be appointing an external consultant who will work with us on developing an exemption policy for the proposed LTNs. Once the consultant is appointed, we will  be in contact with you to discuss your further involvement.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the working group and we look forward to engaging with you soon."

Seems a bit fobbing off and delaying

I believe the funding for St Ann's and the other 2 LTNs has a spend deadline of September, and I'm assuming nothing much will happen now until after the May elections. So that doesn't leave a huge amount of time and hopefully the work done so far will be carried forward by the new consultants. 

Haringey councillors say the biggest problem with Enfield’s Bowes LTN is that all the traffic displaced by it now goes through Haringey instead, prompting local calls for a tit-for-tat LTN in revenge. (Presumably this is a demonstration of how the famous traffic “evaporation” that proponents of LTNs always trumpet actually works in practice.) Enfield are doubtless delighted that expelling vehicles from their side of the boundary firmly places this in the Not Our Problem category; Haringey probably not so much.



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