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I have a query about my address on the census form.

I am on a South ladder road but instead of the address saying Harringay, it says Hornsey!

I have been trying to get through to query this address, but obviously it is recommending to call back as they have a lot of calls.

Has anyone else queried this?


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Hugh - get on the case!

It's slightly odd because Hornsey doesn't match with either your postal or parliamentary area. So I'm not sure where it would have come from. 

If you feel moved to correct it, we do have someone from the census who joined HoL. You could try her, but I imagine it's a temporary role. So, I'd contact her quickly!

I KNEW you be at this like a terrier (a complement just in case that isn’t clear)

Thanks. It's not just my house it is all the road, so I can't be the only person. I don't know if I'll get over the shock of being labelled as a Hornsey resident !

Update. I have asked for the amendment and should be getting new code.  I wonder how many other Ladder addresses are incorrect? 

Harringay is where I live and proud of it.

My son's girlfriend applied for a census job, and after several issues with uploading documents, she had an interview and was told she'd be contacted about training 'in the next ten days'. She never heard another thing. Recruitment is being managed, like eveything these days, by a contracted company who are clearly about as efficient as Test and Trace. Don't hold out much hope for the whole thing running smoothly.



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