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Hello all

I'm not sure how this would work or if anyone would be interested but here goes......

I have 2 cats and I live on the southern end of the ladder. I would be more than happy to cat sit for others in the area and would love it if someone could return the favour for me from time to time.

I am CRB checked and have looked after animals, and cats, all my life. I also have family members and friends who are vets and vet nurses.

Would there be some way of making a little local cat sitting group?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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I’m around oround over the summer and happy to pop into to fed/check cats, 

Thanks Mags, sent you a connection request so we can DM.

The voluntary bit is still working (ish) - if you send me a pm with your email address and rough location I’ll add you to the mailing list

Thanks Julie, that would be great! Happy to help out in kind. I've sent you a connection request so we can DM.

Also can probs help out if you need someone. Drop me a PM if you’re not sorted

Hi Matt, I’ve accepted your request but can’t now find you - can you dm me please? Thanks!



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