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Hello all

I'm not sure how this would work or if anyone would be interested but here goes......

I have 2 cats and I live on the southern end of the ladder. I would be more than happy to cat sit for others in the area and would love it if someone could return the favour for me from time to time.

I am CRB checked and have looked after animals, and cats, all my life. I also have family members and friends who are vets and vet nurses.

Would there be some way of making a little local cat sitting group?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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Hi! Welcome to the group.

If you make me a HoL contact, we can swap details and I can add you to the central database/email list.

Best wishes.


I can't take Spritz in as I have 2 cats of my own who, I'm afraid don't appreciate intruders! However, could probably pop in to see him once or twice a day for a few days, depending on where you live.

I think you definitely would need a house sitter/someone to take him in to theirs for anything more than that. Cats get surprisingly lonely.

 If you make me a contact (top right hand corner!) you can let me know your address without anyone else knowing.

Best wishes,


Hello Jessica

I would be happy to look after Spritz, assuming he is a house cat ( I live on third floor ) and you have the litter tray, etc. Perhaps you could arrange for us to meet and see how we get on ?

myself and Stuart my husband would like to join this group. We have two adorable rescue cats who will need looking after every so often when we are away. I am CRB checked and am happy to help out with the group. Did I notice that you meet up very so often?

Thanks Sam
Hi Sam! Our next meeting is on Monday at the Salisbury pub quiz - I think a group of us will definitely be there if you fancied coming and saying hi, and joining our mailing list? The quiz starts at 8.30 so I guess we'll be turning up from around quarter past...


Thanks Katie.  I'm free on monday so will probably come along to meet you all.  Is there any way of recognising you?  They say pet owners grow to look like their pets but I suspect I wont see a table of feline look-a-likes.


Good question! I'm not sure who else is going and havent yet net everyone else myself anyway, so can't be of much help - though perhaps you could send a connection request to Bridget (who has posted further up this thread) to be added to our mailing list - last time a few of us emailed each other on the day to say what coloured coats we were wearing so new people to the group (which included me!) would know who we were...

Sam, I am updating the email list. If you would like to be added can you make me a Hol Connection and then you can give me your details without advertising them to everyone on HoL!! How did the pub quiz go?



Hello all

I was going to come along and meet you this evening in the Salisbury but wanted to check if some of you are going.  If yes could you say how I might recognise you, as I don't feel comfortable just approaching random people.

Hopefully will see you later


I know the feeling. I will be in a blue duffel type coat and blue jeans. I'm quite short and stocky with shortish, greying brown hair. What will you be wearing - and is Sam short for Samantha or Samuel?!

See you later!

I'll have a green puffy parka coat on with fur round my hood.  I've got shortish dark hair.

Sam is my nick name so not short for anything. I'm really called Sandra but hardly anyone knows me by that name.

see you soon

If anyone needs any cat siting done, just send me a message.....



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