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This Thread is a 'Sticky' thread acting as a central exchange for Cat Sitting


Hello all

I'm not sure how this would work or if anyone would be interested but here goes......

I have 2 cats and I live on the southern end of the ladder. I would be more than happy to cat sit for others in the area and would love it if someone could return the favour for me from time to time.

I am CRB checked and have looked after animals, and cats, all my life. I also have family members and friends who are vets and vet nurses.

Would there be some way of making a little local cat sitting group?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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Great idea!
Useful! Yes, would be more than happy to trade cat-sitting duties.
Happy to join in.
Yes would be very interested
My partner and I live in Crouch End/Hornsey and would love to find someone local to do this with..?!
Us too. We have a moggie and mostly rely on our upstairs neighbours when away, but would be great to have more options and someone who likes spending some time with cats.

I'm in Stroud Green, and am interested, though can't find the group online.  I'm willing to exchange cat sitting with you.  Are you still interested?

The group didn't get used enough so I'm afraid it got deleted. Quite happy to make this thread sticky in some way and have it used as a central exchange. Threads seem to generally work better than groups for most things.

I think its good to mkae it a sticky as when new people come and want help they can tie up- I have tied up with 3 people from it whom we regularly exchange cat sitting and I think others have done similar things- so it just mean when new people come on, they need to post to alert us- I live mattison road and happy to help if local

Great to hear that you've hooked up with others on this through HoL. I've added a link to this post as a sub-tab to the "Groups" tab.

Hi there,

I've just seen this thread and was wondering if you or any of your cat sitting friends are free to cat sit from Thur 16 - Mon 20 Aug? i live near the post office on green lanes. i'd be very happy to return the favour and cat sit for others in the area as well!

What a shame, I'm away for exactly that period, otherwise I'd be happy to offer to cat sit. Pleased to see this thread is getting used. Such a great idea!



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