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That didn't take long! Erik the cat's gone missing again. We moved in to our new house last Friday, and last night (Tuesday May 1st) my cat managed to squeeze through a tiny gap in an open window on the 1st floor, and now he's gone. He's terrified at the best of times, and the move has not helped. I am really worried about him, as he does not know where he lives yet, he's not been in the garden (well, he has now..), and has no way of finding his was back to "his" house. He will be trying to hide as best he can.

He is a blue/grey tabby, with white front paws, white back legs, and a white chin and neck. He's neutered and microchipped, and does not really answer to the name of Erik - but that is his name. He is not wearing a collar, and is missing from Nelson Road / Weston Park. He will most likely be in the gardens between Ferme Park Road and Nelson Road on the south side.

If anyone see him, please call me, I really want him to come home. Tel: 07775607733.


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Will keep my eye out Anette! Poor you! Hope he's back really soon!

Thanks ladies. He managed to squeeze out of a tiny gap, through the window, 1st floor back bedroom. He's obviously jumped in to the gardens and disappeared. He does not even know where he lives yet, as he's not been let out - was going to keep them all in for 3 - 4 weeks after the move, and secure (or so I thought!) in one room for a week while we're unpacking and getting work done. He clearly had other ideas. I'll continue my door to door mission tonight, and get some posters and flyers made. It's the second time he's gone off, I shall be having words with him when he's trapped and back home again. Silly boy. I'm pretty sure I'll find him, he's just such a nightmare to trap, as he's so shy.

Oh no, sorry to hear this Anette. I have a friend round that way, I'll ask her to keep an eye out.

Hope the move went well otherwise.

If you have trouble catching him once you find him, Wood Green animal shelter will lend you a cat trap. I used it with good result after my most skittish cat escaped and nothing else worked.

Poor you! I'll keep a lookout. Great photo, so it will be easy to identify him.

Sorry to hear this Anette, will keep my eyes open in case he does make it back this far.

Sorry Anette... Any news? I hope he will be home soon but I'll keep an eye out. All the best!

I've seen him! He hangs out in the nearby gardens, including mine. I fed him his dinner last night, but there's no way in hell I can get to him so I can get him indoors. He's too scared. But at least now I know where he is, and I can make sure he's fed. Just need to get a trap now so I can make sure he's kept safely indoors for 4 weeks or so until he actually knows this is home. It's pretty frustrating. Remind me why I went for completely f'ed up rescue cats again...?

because rescue cats are THE BEST!

So glad you have at least laid eyes on him. Now the tough part of catching him... I'm sure you will manage it! Good luck and keep us updated.

hope the new house is otherwise going well!

You're right, Sally.

Have been to Cat's Protection and borrowed a trap, so it's now just a matter of time.. I hope!

Happy to report that the runaway is now back home. Luckily he didn't go far. I managed to trick him in to the house last night, so he's now in, and he's going to STAY IN for at least 4 weeks. He's frightened and a little skinnier, but absolutely fine.

That's great news Anette. If only they knew eh?

Ziggy is the same if he gets out because he was feral when we got him, sneaky buggar!



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