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We've recently acquired a lovely kitten but are rather baffled by all the different pet insurance options. The vet recommended Pet Plan but it's expensive. Our cat is a healthy moggie who will be allowed outside once he's neutered and chipped. We're really just looking for decent health insurance to cover vet bills for common ailments, accidents and  long term conditions (we don't need an fancy extras like cattery expenses or cancelled holidays if cat gets sick etc). Does anyone have any advice or recommendations? Thanks!

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From Twitter:


We got a kitten from the RSPCA a couple of months ago. After hours of internet research I went with M&S pet insurance which seemed to cover most things but was one of the cheapest. I think I'm paying about £8.50 per month. For some reason girl cats are cheaper to insure than boy cats, and it gets cheaper once they're over 1 year old. Having said all that you still have to pay an excess of about £70 per vet visit. So really I've got it in case of serious injury.


Good luck with your kitten, we love having ours and I've found some great advice on this site from all the other cat owners.

Thanks, Julie. This is the first time I have owned a cat so really not sure how much to expect per year, but like you really just want something in place to cover any big bills!

We had the same problem Jane until i found  NFU ( national farmers union )

The cost was less than £100 per cat , this gave you £2500 cover per claim instead of £4000 of Petplan per year but my vet recommended it as a good choice.

You have to contact them by phone  (no internet service ) in working hours if you are interested.


Would never have thought of this so thanks very much for the tip. I'll investigate ...

Its worth checking what your insurers policy is on longterm health conditions.  If your cat turns out to be diabetic, or contracts FIV etc  lots of insurers will only pay out for a year after the condition is diagnosed, and then you're on your own for any treatments which might be linked to that conditon.  I'm with Animal Friends who will pay out on any condition for a pet's lifetime, they also give quite a lot of their profits to animal charities, so I feel a little less bad at giving them lots of money:



On the downside though they don't pay out on dental treatment (most insurers don't) which can cost a bomb - they do cover boating accidents though, should you be tempted to take your cat sailing!

Thanks for this ... could be useful when we take the cat to Ally Pally ... now wondering whether it needs a lifejacket!

compare the mieow-ket dot com?


*i'll get my coat ;-)



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