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Does anyone have any good tips on keeping cats out of our garden? The furry bastards try to get into our sandbox among other things.

I try to create a hostile environment as much as possible by throwing objects, water hose/loud noises and have put a ton of dried firethorn branches at key access points. Nonetheless they keep on coming back, and I have noticed that a robin's nest near our garden (which appears to attract the cats) that used to be constantly abuzz with the sound of chicks to have gone eerily quiet. 

Any suggestions would be more than welcome. 

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I have deterred dogs from pooing in my front garden by sprinkling a little chilli powder on the ground.

Owner of a 'furry bastard' - so my advice is more about shepherding them away from bits of the garden you want to protect rather than keeping them out entirely but - I've found making the digging textures and smell unpleasant for them helpful. For example, rubbing olbas oil on wooden furniture, leaving orange/ other citrus peel out, and covering any ground with things like holly or rose thorn branches. 

Similarly, not having things that attract them - like comfy bits they can hide and nest in. This describes my neighbour's garden and their cats actually seem to prefer to come play in our garden, where we have lots of outdoor chairs for them to nestle on! 

Personally I keep a handy water pistol to spray any pesky cats. You have to be quick though. But much quicker than a hose

Could you please give a bit more details about those cats? They seem to be pretty confident to keep visiting your garden although they are clearly not welcome. Are they your neighbors' cats? If they live next door maybe this is something you should bring up with their owner? Is your garden fenced? I know that cats jump high and they can jump over the walls etc but again, if the cats are owned, maybe the owner would be willing to help with adding something to the fences to make it difficult for the cats to climb over? Creating a hostile environment by throwing objects or putting firethorn branches will not help and will only result in someone reporting you to the RSPCA for cruelty to the animals. What is the access point you mentioned? Is it possible to block it with a wooden panel? Is there a photo you would like to share so maybe we could come up with some ideas? 

We're plagued by local cats, we've had a significant cat poo problem in the past, which is not great with a toddler at home...

Only thing that worked (and we tried them all) was a "PestBye Jet Spray Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Scarer" - IR sensor, connected to a spray head that you attach your hose to. Works a treat and you don't need to use it all the time, once the cats have worked out they get wet if they cross your garden, they stay away (for a while at least, then the cycle starts again...!).

My friend got one for her garden in Stratford which was a playground and construction site for foxes.  I set it up up for her (you need an outside tap) and it was simple to do.  It works really well but you have to remember to turn it off when you want to use the garden yourself unless you fancy getting drenched - I didn’t and I was



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