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We have had a spate of cars with smashed windows on Pemby in the last month. It’s not clear if anything specifically has been taken. I know of four, it could be at least five. 

Is any other street facing a similar problem, or is it just Pemby?

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Hahaha. Random, but funny. Where does this come from?

Mean Girls... simpler times.

Umfreville also!

I am not surprised Maddy, can I ask is it a one off, or have there been multiple incidents, and do you know if they have been reported? I know it is pretty hard to get anyone who believes that the police will not actually do anything, other than collect statistics, to report anything!

I hear about it happening quite frequently on our street WhatsApp and I'm pretty sure they have been reported, as we are making a big effort with doing that for all the local crime/ASB. Apparently also on Lothair Rd...

Happened on Duckett Road too last weekend.

 And the weekend before I think down at the bottom of the road. A guy was seen looking into the cars then a few were broken into.

I think you’ll find it’s called Umfry! 

Rough neighbourhood!

It wouldn't happen on the Levels.



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