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I had my car keyed from front to back overnight (27th - 28th) in Warham Road. 

I seem to remember there being a previous thread on here about cars being damaged on the Ladder but I couldn't find it.

Please keep and eye out for people acting suspiciously near to cars.


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Check the tag added under your post. This seems to have started in 2013 and has gone on sporadically ever since.

Someone is targetting shiny new cars. I know of at least three vicious incidents in Umfreville in the last month. Always report it to police.

Please dial 101 and report it.

There have been over a dozen cars 'done' on Lothair Road South and Conningsby over the few months on at least 6 different occasions.

The police have said they're increasing patrols in the area. They are also meant to be circulating an image of the person they think is responsible to their officers.

The more reported crimes there are the more focus they will put on it, but each car has to be reported as a crime in its own right.

Currently they have 6 or 7 crimes linked on Lothair and Conningsby, but they know there are many more cars and are meant to be linking crimes on Wightman and Umfreville. However, don't think they'll be currently checking as far up as Warham as to date it had seemed focused lower down the ladder.

I flagged this last night to Ian at the LCSP, linking him to all the posts I'd tagged, in case he's not aware of the extent of the problem, He's in constant contact with the police and sits on the Haringey Police Consultative Committee, so is in a good position to ensure the police are at least fully aware of the problem. 

So keep adding any incidents here since it helps to build an indelible record of the issue and makes it harder for the police not to take action. 

Hi, thanks for the replies. I reported it straight away as I know it helps with improving patrols.

This afternoon someone decided to keyed my car completely from the front light to the rear in Linley Road, Bruce Grove area. Unfortunately this cases seems to start to happen very often in Haringey and this pathetic people don't even bother to wait  for night fall anymore.

We've had it on and off on our car on Vale Road for some time, but twice in the last three nights we have been vandalised - Friday saw one wing mirror snapped off (some effort as the thick metal attachment was snapped), and last night scratches on both sides of the car. Will report to 101.

We also had someone draw some almost art work (zig zags/lines) down one side of our car whilst on holiday (Stanmord Rd). Its a total piss take. I haven't reported it as not sure where to.


1) Police on 101  or via web, for a crime report number

2) Insurance company - unless effect on 'no claims discount' is a worry?

Agreed, call 101. There's nothing the police can do in an investigatory sense assuming you have no CCTV covering your street/property, but they will alert the Borough Intelligence Unit, who will study the crime report and compare it to other crimes in the area. The local Safer Neighbourhood Team will be made aware of the crime and will use it to inform their local crime prevention activity and patrols, so it's well worth doing.

Took me about 5 minutes, if that.



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