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I think this is a candidate for "you can't park there mate". There's a car in the New River.

Sorry, that was a bit flippant, I'm hoping that everyone got out OK!

I first noticed the fence down at the top of Lothair Road North, with police tape across and a police car parked in front of it. I got a better view from the bridge on Endymion Road.

I haven't seen any reports of what happened anywhere?

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My goodness! I wonder if a drunk driver didn't realise the road didn't run all the way up to Wightman and missed the fence? Or did some poor resident have a really rough morning and get their foot tangled under the accelerator? 

I wonder too. It must have been going pretty fast as I happened to notice that it left a wheel behind next to the kerb, the fence is completely missing maybe under the car (unless it's been taken away) and the car has travelled far enough to make it completely into the river. Must have made quite a noise.

You beat me to the punch Andy.  Is this a forensic van? 

On lothair road north/

I'm glad to see that section has finally been opened up for public access.

Yes saw it after my run this morning. Looked like a 3 series BMW, there was a North Face jacket hung on the fence. 

I assume that police attendance and removal of the vehicle indicates that they have an interest in the matter. Does the open boot suggest that someone has recovered something of interest from there, or did it pop open as it crashed through the concrete fence? If it was the former, I wonder if it may haver been opened by the police to recover and item of interest or by fleeing ne'er- do-wells to recover some contraband or illicit item.

Was getting hoisted out at lunchtime.   There were a couple of police divers there too.

Thanks. That certainly suggests police interest of some sort then, with the potential of items to recover. 

I was wondering if that crane would be long enough, but I guess it's the long arm of the law.

That's not bad. 

I think this pun is a bit of a reach to be honest.



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