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A car exploded on corner of Stanhope Gdns/ Green lanes about 3.50pm. Really hope none hurt but didn't see ambulance,  just firemen. Think it was electric fault with car. Since then no internet or landline. BT say will be fixed by Weds. That's not good for all us working at home. Anyone else having this problem?

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I think a mini-hub would be the answer, probably from a different mobile network to your current one. The question is which network is most reliable - and has enough capacity for all the people locally who want to use it!

It's also not cheap as they are orientated towards longer term contracts.

e.g. I can see that 3 has a 4g hub with unlimited data for £49 up front then £30 per month, if you want a month-by-month contract:


But I have no idea how good the signal will be in our area, or if we can get it paid for by the internet service provider.

Hi Ruth - my broadband provider (BT) sent me a mini-hub with unlimited data. They said it would power all devices required in a household of five, which is slightly optimistic but nevertheless it is super helpful (just don’t try a zoom call with three people on their phones!

Additionally, when I first spoke to BT last Friday they gave me the date of Friday 9 to be fixed. Let’s see ... 

Unfortunately plusnet (which is actually a BT brand) doesn't do this - and many of the mini-hubs are only available with long contracts. As I mentioned above, Three has a 1 month contract option, which would cost £79. I have asked plusnet re what refund/compensation they will give, but they have so far not replied.

This incident has also made me realise that my vodafone reception is pretty terrible, so I am wondering about moving to EE.

Hi Priya, I'm with BT but didn't send me a mini hub. What did you do to get that? I probably relied too much on updates and didn't hassle them. I was informed originally it would be this Monday past then Tuesday and it's been changing all the time since. It's very frustrating.

Hi Ruth, I think it depends on the BT package you have, so you need to check, but i  assume they won't send you a mini hub automatically unless you actually report fault/loss of broadband. It is useful and works and once they send it (I had a problem a while back) you keep it and can be turned on again if problem happens like now.

Ruth. I think to get a mini hub your BT package has to include something called HALO 1

I don't think I have HALO.... have to look into that

Thanks for this info, I did report fault straight after it went down but no hub. I should have hassled them more. 

They didn't offer us a magic box either, but helpfully tried to sell us a package that included one yesterday. I seethed.

FYI, Plusnet have just told us that they will assess compensation at the end of the process, when the connection is back....

That's very shabby of them. I'd be seething too.

Yeah. I was out of contract so they sold me a new package which included the Halo (and which £10 a month cheaper!) 

I think at this point though, with them confirming that it won’t be fixed until November - see my update from today later in the thread) you can really push them to either amend your contract or send the mini hub. 

We get that it’s a fault beyond their control but still we can’t work from home without broadband and we need to work from home to help keep the virus rates down 

good luck! 



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