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A car exploded on corner of Stanhope Gdns/ Green lanes about 3.50pm. Really hope none hurt but didn't see ambulance,  just firemen. Think it was electric fault with car. Since then no internet or landline. BT say will be fixed by Weds. That's not good for all us working at home. Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes - on Rutland Gardens. Not sure how many houses are affected, but I suspect it could be quite a lot (unless they are using Virgin media cable, as it’s only BT lines that are affected)).

We saw the aftermath, though not the explosion - we checked on the BT OpenReach cabinet when our internet went down at 15.42.

I wonder what the real repair timeline will be - they probably have not actually looked at it yet.

Thanks Michaelw. The car must have been right near BT cables. My enquiries show Wednesday as date BT aim to fix this, which is too long.

I walked past the car about 10 mins before it went up. I thought it had a dodgy exhaust but  must have been more than that.

I'm sure it'll be frustrating but I wouldn't be too harsh on BT. From the photo below It looks like it's the box that's damaged. I'm sure you must have seen the inside of one of those when engineers work on them, I'd feel quite blessed if they managed to sort out all those cables in a few days, especially if the inside has melted.

Yes, agree Andy h. Now I've seen damage, it's very bad. BT engineers got their work cut out.It's a wonder a relief nobody seriously injured. Here's the car being towed away.

I hope Tes gets her plates back. They're probably worth more than the car.

Here's the car & cabinet:

Oh dear, we'll be lucky to get any internet any time soon. Good thing no one hurt. 

In the circumstances, the cabinet will act like an oven melting all the Krone connectors and ADSL equipment, the whole lot will be toast.

OMG. I feared the worst. Have to live with mobile data and phone for some time to come. Thank God it wasn't a person who took the force of that.

There was a guy there from Open Reach when I went passed a couple of hours ago. He said he was sorting out the people to repair it, but he hadn’t managed to open it. He said it might be done by the end of the weekend, though I imagine that it will depend what it looks like inside.

I’m finding Vodafone 4g pretty variable, it would be interesting to know if any other networks are better?

Latest update from BT is now that it will be fixed by end of Thursday. 

Do we know what caused the 'explosion'?



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