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The Friends of Fairland Park have been offered almost £4000 from Haringey via a grant from Fields in Trust

"Fields in Trust champions and supports our parks and green spaces by protecting them for people to enjoy in perpetuity. Because once lost, they are lost forever."

The money is to encourage and enable physical activity and is for revenue purposes only, so it can't be used to buy equipment.

So far some of the money has been allocated on football coaching and Tai Chi, but there is plenty more available and we need local people to help come up with ideas, and also to work with the council to make sure these activities are a success.

If you are willing to get involved with this exciting project, please leave a message.

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Hi Adam. I'm potentially interested depending on time commitment. I'll pm you.

Harringay Hurtle. Give £20 to everyone finishing (200 people).

They'd just spend it on sourdough and hard seltzer. Best not to give money to the middle classes. 

I see a few places in Islington do morning yoga in the park sessions? Could do different levels too, appropriate to fitness / age / experience.. More films in the park..? Music sessions like Dalston Curve Garden does?

Ideas could be post natal fitness classes, toddler/after-school exercise classes...

Might be worth leafleting the people living directly around the Park to see what they would like to be offered there (guess you might already have done this though....)

or contact TCV (who operate from Railway Fields) and might be able to help set up a Green Gym there Green Gym - Outdoor Exercise To Make A Difference With TCV

  • Good idea to consult users. It is a popular park. Aso cobsult N Haringay Primary as many kids and parents go there right after school ends. I would personally like excercise equipment there like in Ducketts Common

Maybe an online survey as well as leaflets? Give all the suggestions and an "other" option too, probably a free survey tool out there for this...

I’d be interested in supporting this and have some ideas. 

Great, shall we have a chat? I'll DM you

Good idea. 

Friends of Fairland Park has an active email group that anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to join - fairlandpark@googlegroups.com



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