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Despite Herculean efforts by local schools, there are still children who are unable to access their online learning because of lack of access to access to laptops, WiFi and other technological support.

Here’s what your donation could give a young person

  • £20 - One month’s supply of internet access/ WiFi
  • £40 - A mobile broadband device
  • £60 - One month’s supply of internet access/ WiFi + a mobile broadband device
  • £250 - A basic specification laptop, with carrier case and accessories

Any donation is gratefully received, however, and will go a long way to helping bridge the digital divide for children and young people across Haringey.

Donate here:


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I actually have an old mac laptop which I could donate to a child who can't afford one. It's not the fastest but I have been using it so far. It's probably worth very little so I would prefer to give it away than it going to the dump. Does anyone know who could make good use of it?


I know there’s a couple of girls in my daughter’s class who don’t have laptops. I could ask their form teacher if they are able to make use of your Mac if you like?


Yes, that would be great. In the meantime I will try to reformat it to prep it for a new user. It's a 10 year old mac book pro, so will be fine for most basic uses (I used it for video/photo editing up to last year).

Feel free to PM me directly. I live in Pemberton Road, near the school.


Anyone else with surplus / less-used laptops

Living Under One Sun in Tottenham are collecting laptops for school kids without them. Contact them directly. They're a great local organisation.



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