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BroadWater Farm Repair Café this Tuesday (30th Aug 1:30-4:30pm) 

Event listing

Here’s some things we really could use help fixing - if you can, please book the 1:30pm slot and say you’re ready to help - bring something we can fix for you at the same time if you wish.


Headphones: I tried on them and the extension bit is loose. I've used duck tape to hold it but it keeps slipping off and the cable is getting worn exposing the copper wires.


Trousers and bike

I'll bring along my straighteners. They still work but the connection inside is hit and miss so it can only turn on when the wire is in a certain place.

a Mamas and Papas Airo pram (bought new from Amazon just 6 months ago!) but the handle for folding down the pram is faulty and Amazon won’t exchange it

Video of the problem  How it should work

Vids of taking pram handles apart on similar problems



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