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Can't pay your gas or electricity bill? Need to change an old cooker or boiler? Go see Joanne!

On yet another glorious summer's day at Cafe Connect in Downhills Park, I was fortunate to meet Joanne Barrett who had come to the gathering to talk about energy, how to save it and how to sort out your problems with it.

As we chatted, it became clear that Joanne is passionate and dedicated to getting the best deal for people from energy companies, especially the most vulnerable in our community. Joanne runs drop-ins at Haringey libraries where she will help people who have a bill they can't pay, work out better energy suppliers for people who are in danger of fuel poverty, advise on buying new boilers and cookers and direct people to where they can get grants to help with energy saving. 

Whether you're a homeowner or a private tenant, you can get help from the drop-ins (Joanne also helps Homes for Haringey to get the best deals for their tenants) from simple tips on reducing fuel bills to dealing with that frightening gas bill that you can't afford to pay. 

As we chatted about the wider issues of fuel poverty which can be easily hidden, especially if you are elderly, it was clear that Joanne is tenacious in standing up to the energy companies to secure the best deals for the people who seek her help and also to stop (most of) us wasting money on energy and swelling the profits of energy companies. 

So don't struggle on with that inefficient boiler or cooker or hide the scary bill and hope it goes away. Take it to Joanne.

You can find her in these libraries

Marcus Garvey Wednesday 9-12

Coombes Croft Wednesday 2-4

Wood Green Thursday 9-12

Hornsey Friday 9-11

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