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Can I pay to borrow your small frame bike for a few weeks?

My bike has been vandalised beyond repair (someone cut through the frame with boltcutters) and I've just heard that it's going to take a few weeks for the manufacturer to send a replacement.

I was wondering if anyone had a bike suitable for someone who is 5'2" that they might be willing to loan me in the meantime. I could pay you a daily or weekly rate, depending on what would work best for you.

My life has revolved around cycling for the last ten years (I spend more time on two wheels than I do on two feet) so I'd be extremely grateful for any help!


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What *****. Sorry to hear about this. Why did they do that? Was there something attached to it they wanted to steal?

Thanks for the commiserations, Hugh. That was exactly my reaction, only without the asterisks!

He tried to cut through the D-lock first (there are some heavy-duty bite marks on it) and failed. However, it makes no sense to me why, at that point, he didn't just call it a day. By cutting through the frame like that, he destroyed almost all the value my bike would've had for him (because, no, to answer your question, there wasn't anything attached to it that he would've wanted). Clearly he realised this because, even though he'd cut the bike loose, he didn't bother to steal it.

However, it wasn't a wasted afternoon as far as he was concerned: apparently, a few minutes later, he mugged someone for their Brompton. Lovely bloke!

That's awful. I have a 48cm bike frame road bike I'd be happy to lend you, but might be too big? (i'm 5'7") You'd be welcome to try it!

Ah that is very kind of you! Thank you! I get the feeling I'll be too short (so often the case!) but would you mind if I tried it, if only to rule it out? Or - I've just thought - so I don't take up your time unnecessarily, do you know the make and the model? If so, I can check to see if its dimensions are listed on  https://geometrygeeks.bike/ or https://99spokes.com/

Thank you again for replying - I appreciate it 

Hi Jo

Sorry to hear about your bike, so frustrating. I might be able to help from next week if you still need a bike, I'll drop you a message!

I've just got your very kind message, Anna - thank you ever so much and, yes, please do keep me posted! Have a lovely weekend, in the meantime!

If you're still looking, Wheely Tots might have something suitable you could borrow from their Kit Library. Fill in the form at www.wheelytots.com/fit so they can check if they have anything the right size. 

Hi Rhi

Thanks a lot for the recommendation  My understanding is that Wheely Tots is a charity that provides bikes to people who might not otherwise be able to afford one. I don't know if I've got that right but, if so, I wouldn't feel right applying for their help. It sounds like a brilliant charity, though - a really valuable service.

We have a small bike, possibly too small, that is not being used.  Might need some TLC but won't ever have been used much.  Not sure how DM works but if you're interested, try DMing me - I'll keep a look out!!

Alison, thank you so much - both for your generous offer and for managing to make me feel like I might be too big for something (not an experience I often have at my height, so it's always one I appreciate)! I now have two wheels on loan so I'm sorted, but I'm very grateful to you for getting in touch all the same. Thank you again 

As I mentioned in my reply to Alison, I'm now back on two wheels. But I just wanted to say thank you again to the people who replied to my post. Not only did you offer to help me out in a practical way (and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that - I felt lost without a bike), you also gave me a much needed reminder that, although there are some idiot bike vandals in the world, there are a lot of really kind and generous people too, so thank you!



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