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Hi. My house in the Gardens isn't looking it's best, and I'd like to get a builder in to look at the rotting, flaking mix of render on pebbledash on brick combo I've inherited and try and get the exterior back to somewhere approaching it's former glory. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you have!

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A good place to start is the listings in the Tradesmen's recommendations group
Fero - 07752 391368. Him and his guys built my local business. Honest, hard working, conscientious, reliable and 100% trustworthy. They were fantastic and cheaper than all the cowboys I saw.
Cheers & good luck
The builder that has been highly recommended to me is David Hill who can be contacted on 07956 304206. I have seen some of his work and it is great. Grazyna
Ditto re David Hill - he's been working on my house in Lausanne Road for years and I can thoroughly recommend him. He specialises in Victorian properties.
Hi, we live in the Gardens and have been very impressed with Nikolai, who has done all kinds of exterior and interior plastering, painting, decorating and building work for us over the years. He lives on Chesterfield Gardens: 07970 903722

No shortage of choices, but beware it might be more expensive than you think if the builder finds substantial damage to the brickwork beneath the render, either caused by water damage behind the old pebbledash, or really almost criminal damage to the original brickwork when the pebbledash was applied. We hoped to restore our house but the original exterior corbelling and mouldings had just been smashed off years ago and even getting it in some condition to take a new rendering is going to almost double the original estimate.
The outside of our place is done by Matt Elwood's company and he can be contacted on 07711 439330 - we were all very happy with what they did.
Thanks for all your replies so far guys - really appreciate the help! I'll let you know how I get on...wish me luck!

WE got a truly excellent Polish guy called Tomek in, who has a team of folk who seem able to do everything: all the electrics, move doors, build shelves, etc.

He comes very highly recommended indeed: reasonably priced, excellent English, punctual, clean and tidy, the works!

You can get him on: 07800-722-629



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