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Spotted in a local shop window..

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Billy I refuse to cycle in the suburbs north of the North circular because the traffic moves much faster and the drivers there are just nasty. I think what's happening over your cycle path says more about the drivers who live in Enfield than it does about reduction on local road capacity.


You’ve never heard of the militant faction of the Labour Party?  Or the use of the term militant to refer to the far end of a political spectrum within a political party (in this case my reference to the People’s Front of Living Wightman)?  It’s a very common usage of the word.  Certainly no more extraordinary than implying that not supporting the closure of Wightman Road is un-Christian.

Antoinette, the most recent outbreak of militancy on Wightman Road was perpetrated on the night of Tuesday 5th June 1903 when, under the influence of the clashing carnivals of Harringay-Hornsey-Wood Green and Hornsey-Highgate-Muswell Hill etc, up to one thousand Boer War2-inspired youths and others who should have known better set up a bonfire with a 'monstrous effigy of Oom Paul' (Uncle Paul Kruger), almost burning my residence down.  Since then Wightman Road has been a living example of gentility and pacific non-militancy, content to defend ourselves from encroachments of outside motorised traffic, bicyclists and other trespassing rat-runners. This will involve a modest amount of filtering for the benefit of some of our rung-road neighbours. If compelled, however, we may have to rediscover our former militant methods, including but not limited to the burning of enemy effigies. 

Hugh: Without getting too much into definitions, on the other main thread about this issue ("help us raise £700") Antoinette was roundly told off by another poster for speaking out of turn, on the grounds that as she lives in Umfreville and works further south she had no right at all to comment on an issue affecting Ladder roads. It may or may not be "militant", but I think it smacks of "sharp elbows" and taking a swipe, so it's not quite as one-sided as you might have thought!

Is this the Greek Church?

Good guess. They are very much against it and have been told that it is likely that the road will be closed (they've told parishioners this).

Disappointed to hear the Greek Church is against filtering - I thought being a "good neighbour" was a tenet of most religions? Something like "As you treat your neighbour, so will God treat you"?

This sounds to me like they are putting the convenience of their congregation's car-drivers ahead of the health and quality of life of local residents?

Hate to get all biblical on your arse, but
Who is my neighbour??
From what LW propose obviously not us down on the levels

Some of their neighbours are for filtering: some are against. Which neighbours are they supposed to go with ?

Which side is God on ?

Andy - is that "down on the levels", where the council's pollution recording equipment measured reduced NO2 for the last three months of the bridgeworks?

The traffic effect was mostly neutral across the Gardens and north of St Anns. But we'd happily support filtering for any residential streets that look like this:

It is hard enough to get people in church pews these days and that is the weekly collections base. The church is like any other Green Lanes business in this sense and sees itself as such;  reduced traffic = reduced business, rightly or wrongly.

Based on what you say the church is saying to its parishioners, I wonder if the church has inside information on the outcome of the consultation or, are they putting the fear of God in these folk!  I can't help but think the latter.

You seem to be under the impression that I don't believe Wightman needs help.
For your info, I have consistently advocated traffic reduction for Wightman since before the bridge closure.
What I disagree with is the closure, sorry filleting, of the road, just as I have with the gardens or my road. Which I believe after Wightman, blackboy, and StAnnes carries more traffic than any of the ladder roads.
But I'll continue to advocate that my road stays open so your Ocado/Amason/ bin lorries get through and you have a short cut, sorry rat run, to the recycling centre when your local one gets shut down for the new Wood Green development.
We differ on what is equitable and deliverable.



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