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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Spotted in a local shop window..

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I think that's been up for a week or more.

Sign early, sign often ?

Nice to see some locals countering the LW juggernaut .
I'm all in for another debate/referendum.... look how well the last one went.
My guess is that this is the traders.
Are they not locals?? Or neighbours?
Did I suggest in any way that they're not?
I'm pretty sure this leaflet was put together by some Wightman Rd residents. I have spoken to one of the people involved who was on their way to the traders in Wightman Rd and Green Lanes to hand out these leaflets last week.

Could be. On a second look, you're maybe right. I can't see the fingerprint of the traders. I know that some Wightman Roaders were very much against the closure, though I've no sense of what proportion is for and what against.

It's a bit strange that it doesn't say who it is.

Perhaps they don't want to be targeted by the more militant members of the People''s Front of Living Wightman

Militant? Really?

Antoinette, the first definition I found of 'militant' is:

favouring confrontational or violent methods in support of a political or social cause

This is clearly not how the members of Living Wightman behave.

Looking at my Collins dictionary I get:

aggressive or vigourous, esp in support of a cause.

The Cambridge has:

active, determined, and often willing to use force

Whilst I might agree that the group is active, determined and perhaps even vigorous for a community group, the word 'militant' has clear overtones of confrontation, violence and force. It is wholly inaccurate to describe the group or any of its members in this way.

The filtering/closure of Wightman is an issue that excites great passions locally. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and debate is welcome. However, it is not helpful to stray into sharp elbow territory. Please stick to explaining your opinions on the issue and stay away from taking swipes at others who hold a different opinion to yours. 

Billy, all good points. I was chatting to a neighbour in the street yesterday and he knew nothing about the proposals. Living Wightman are at the very least keeping the issue current so that people, both pro and anti, have an opportunity to have an input.



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