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Alan Stanton's after a new camera. (We suspect he's worn out the shutter button on his old one!).

Can you help?

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All depends on the budget limit and whether you want SLR or DCC. (manual or automatic) My digital compact camera (Canon G7) cost £180 3 years ago on ebay so it'll be much cheaper now. If you're prepared to spend £100 you'll get something that will take a good photo and last you a very long time. (message me)
Alan, I'd say whatever you buy, HD Video is increasingly becoming part of the package. So it's worth looking at how much extra it'll cost to pick a tool that incorporates it.

Or..... you could always break the mould and get a mobile smartphone with a good camera/video (some are as good / better than ordinary cameras). You'll then be able to point, click and upload geo-tagged pics to Flickr etc. You'll also have the benefit of mobile internet / email.
My other half is a film camera nerd (I'm sure he wouldn't mind me saying that) so I have been the proud owner of our only two digital cameras. The first was a Canon and was fine, the one I've just bought is a Panasonic Lumix and is mighty fine indeed. Which have done a very comprehensive review of digital cameras - happy to send you details if you pm me.

As James have said, the key is what you are after. BUT I wonder whether the key is also size (if you forgive me). I was thinking of getting the next Lumix up from the one I got but when I realised it was three times as big and heavy (meaning that I wouldn't just pop it in my bag as often) I decided to go for the more basic model.
I've always been a Canon man and I'm currently using a Canon SLR and a Canon compact. Having said that, you have to be committed to carry an SLR around and it's quite obvious that your taking photos. 

Recently I've heard some good reviews of the Lumix cameras, some of which have built GPS to geotag tour photos (Alan probably knows where his photos are taken but it could be useful)
It is hard to give any recommendations without knowing what use you have for it, i.e. just holiday snaps or professional photos? I have just bought a Nikon D90 which is an SLR Digital and really takes great photos. I am still working my way around all that it can do and it is a bit heavy but fabulous.

I have just boxed up my old Nikon D70 with 18-70mm lens and instruction manual to take to the camera shop tomorrow.

It's valued at £350.

It came in as a 'prosumer' camera and was my first digital camera (I am a professional photographer).

It has a lot to offer including a decent built-in-flash.

Feel free to PM me if this is in the right ball park for you.

I subscribe to Which? magazine/online who regularly undertake product tests on hundreds of cameras; which give all manner of detail on the pros/cons of each model currently available. If you send me a "connection invite", I'll send you the link to their most recent reports.
New! Improved! With due respect to the previous posters, I would like to take a possibly contrarian viewpoint.

Why is Alan (or anyone else) after a new camera? Is there something the matter with the old one – it seems to have reliably taken a lot of good photos that Alan has shared on the 'net.

Is the old camera lost, stolen or broken? This is not a rhetorical question. If its lost or stolen, does it need to be replaced with a new one rather than one second hand? If its broken, is it worth fixing? We live in a throw-away culture far removed from our parents' make-do and mend.

If the camera is neither lost, stolen or broken, is there a perhaps a succumbing to marketeers' perpetual blandishments to "upgrade", whether or not its justified or economic. Will the "old" one just be binned, even though it might be capable of much more productive work?

If the main destination for one's photos is a web page, a mega pixel rating of about two or three is adequate. Of course, marketeers will be happy to sell you a digital camera of a far higher rating than this – and in six months, offer more megapixels yet.

My own digital camera is a Ricoh RDC-7. nine years ago it would have cost c.US$700 new; a couple of years ago, in new condition, it set me back £17 on eBay. It takes great pics, more than adequate for web pages ...



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